Christmas Parties In The Office – Types Of Bonding Games For Your Employees To Participate In

With Christmas just around the corner, you are always thinking of ways to involve your employees in a memorable Christmas party. This party needs to be epic and worth remembering, especially before the holidays start. Christmas party is one way to bring all employees together and create a friendly bond in your workplace. It bridges the gap between employers and employees and helps people have a fun time, apart from work discussions and meetings.

Now, you don’t have to go for the basic pot-luck as your Christmas parties in the office. There are several ideas, which will help you to make this party worth remembering for a long time. So, let’s focus on all those themes and plans now, which will enhance the value of the Christmas office party to the next level.

Aim for the race party:

This idea is mainly inspired by the famous TV show, The Amazing Race. This is one team-building exercise, which can form a significant part of your upcoming Christmas party. 

  • Here, you can easily organize one scavenger hunt to multiple locations within your area. It gets a lot more fun if you can rope in some more clients and stakeholders into hosting some stops.
  • If you want to make this game more interesting, try throwing some roadblocks. Here, participants are not quite allowed to move to the next stage until they get to complete their specified task on hand.
  • It is always a clever idea to get teams together to collect any stamp or flag at every stake. You can further ask them to take pictures together of a particular scene as part of your challenge.
  • The final pit stop will lead them back to the main game room, where the weary travelers will be welcomed with refreshing drinks and some yummy snacks.

Ugly Christmas Sweater:

This concept is pretty new and gaining pretty popularity among office goers. Those horrid-looking Christmas sweaters might be an eyesore but will always provide you with some good amount of laugh. These sweaters are mostly available in their horrible shades, and some of you might willingly make some such sweaters to gel well with the group.

If you have such sweaters in your possession already, then it is time to bring those out from the darkest corners of your closet. Yes, you have tried keeping those sweaters a secret for a long, but now those sweaters will work wonderfully with the “ugly” theme of your office’s Christmas party! 

  • Here, everyone will get clear instructions to find one such sweater, or even make one, to wear to the office party. 
  • If anyone fails to wear one such sweater, he or she will be given one to wear from the spare lot. Along with that, they have to wear extra reindeer ears as punishment.
  • Even though it might sound a bit embarrassing, but during that Christmas spirit, it is all fun and laughter. 
  • On the other hand, decorate the party rooms with fun and bright decorations and offer a reward for those with the most impressive ugly sweater on the spot.

Holiday Bingo:

This is another promising Christmas party game that will help guests to mingle together with one another. For playing one round, you have to give one another a Bingo card. Later, you need to encourage the players to have a chat with other guests.

  • Participants have to mark every square with the names of other players who will fit the description well.
  • The first player who can mark all the five squares and yell Bingo will be the clear winner!

It is one clever want to create a strong bond between every employee, and also let everyone know a tad bit about one another! So, this Christmas party game will surely bring everyone closer.

Some other ideas to follow:

Apart from the games already mentioned, there are so many other gaming variations available to make this Christmas party a lit one! You can opt for the tree decorating competition. Get mini Christmas trees for your office, and then create separate teams to start decorating. The one with the best decoration wins. 

Then you can go for the gingerbread house challenge, secret hall decker, and more as some of the other gaming challenges for your Christmas office party!

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