What Immigration Opportunities Are Available For People In Australia

Are you looking to migrate to Australia? Well, the thriving economy has a lot of opportunities for everyone. The right to work and earn a living is available for everyone in Australia. Operating across all territories and states, Australia has many booming industries. You can find and sustain a job through various professional and industry qualifications. Immigration lawyers in Perth will help you find the best visa subclass option for migrating to Australia.

Here is everything to know about all the wonderful opportunities available for you in Australia.

Getting Employed

The labor market of Australia is fiercely competitive. Economic factors, skills and qualifications, the type of work you want and some other situations play a role in determining how quickly you can get employed. These factors impact the availability of jobs in different parts of the country. Work experience is a crucial factor in deciding whether you will find a job in your desired field.

As approval of visa, citizenship, or permanent residency do not assure a job for you; you would need to look for a job. Your visa lawyer can help you with the skilled occupation list when you apply for a visa, and you can identify the sector that fits you the best.

Applying For Work

Several factors influence your success in getting employment. These include the sector you plan to work in, economic conditions and demand for employees, your skills and qualifications.

Many places have job vacancy advertisements. As a new entrant in Australia, you should start responding to them. You will know important information from the advertisement like the type of work needed, location, etc.

You will also know from the advertisement the application procedure and whom to contact for further advancement. Your application must have:

  • A cover letter describing the position you want to apply for. It should state why you should be considered for the position based on your experience, skills, and qualifications.
  • A resume that contains your details (name, email address, phone numbers, address etc.), previous jobs and experience, skills, qualifications, education and
  • Duplicate of references from previous employers or their contact details
  • copies of trade certificates and education pertinent to the job

The Australian Government has an employment service program called job-active that can help you write interview techniques and job applications. You can visit their website.

Once you become successful in obtaining a job, your new employer would need the details of your bank account and tax file number.

Recognition And Employment Qualifications

All occupations have unique requirements, and some can need registration or licensing with a government authority, while some might require membership of an industry or professional association. You might consult your immigration lawyer Perth, WA, to advise you regarding finding out how you might get your qualifications recognized.

Through Trades Recognition Australia, the Department of Education would assess your Trade qualifications.

Even for entry-level jobs in some careers, you require some skills or qualifications. Browsing industry websites or job ads might help you ascertain those for your chosen industry.

Work Rights In The Australian Job Market

Your immigration lawyer would help you understand Australian work conditions and minimum wages laws. These laws ensure that all Australians receive equitable working conditions and arrangements, and the laws set down the kinds of legal agreements defining the working relationship between employees and employers.

These vary between individual common law contracts to enterprise bargaining of whole organizations. Industrial relations law ensures that the workplace is safe, fair, and productive for employees and employers.

Protected working conditions comprises of:

  • Work hours
  • minimum pay rates
  • leave
  • occupational safety, health, and welfare
  • free association with any company

Assurance Of Fairness

All these conditions would vary greatly based on your industry and job role. Australia has a Fair Work Ombudsman to ensure that all employees are treated fairly. The Ombudsman investigates any breaches of the law and oversees compliance with industrial relations laws. The Ombudsman offers a free service, and you can access it if your safety or conditions at work become a concern to you or your family.

Any complaints regarding discrimination in the workplace are investigated and resolved by the Australian Human Rights Commission. There can be discrimination in many forms based on race, age, sex, religion, disability, political opinion, sexual preference or trade union affiliation.

Final Thoughts

Living and working in Australia is becoming increasingly popular for migrants. Some work might also allow you to study in globally recognized educational institutions. You might also receive an assurance of support from a number of sources if you need to support yourself and your family while looking for a job as a new migrant. Try the services of an immigration lawyer to ensure which visa subclass you should apply for the work-life you are choosing to lead in Australia.

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