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When looking at living in a period of SUVs, we get to see a great deal of contest among various hybrids, particularly the ones that have been dispatched as of late. Be that as it may, in this race, we fail to remember the models who originally started the pattern and utility of hybrids of SUVs in Pakistan. We are discussing the establishment, the heaping stones that prompted a noticeable acknowledgment of SUVs, particularly hybrids, in Pakistan.
Discussing which, we might want to return you to the beginnings of this achievement by reviewing the champ of its hybrid period, the Honda Vezel. We will examine every one of the advantages and highlights that Honda Vezel included in its time that got a transformation that period. Alongside that, we will analyze a cutting edge hybrid SUV from the present period and will match all qualities of the two models and will see where the new age’s hybrid stands against the ones that controlled before them.
To pick a hybrid from the present period, it is an extremely insightful choice to get the one which has been the most well known among Pakistani auto aficionados. All things considered, we will contrast the amazing Honda Vezel and the superstar, the KIA Sportage! By putting down the raw numbers one next to the other, we will give you a profound knowledge and will assist you with picking which one can be an ideal best for you in the event that you are anticipating buying one for yourself.

The Headlights:

The sort of headlights presented in the Honda Vezel back in the days was genuinely astonishing and one of their sort. The style was not duplicated from anyplace and it mirrored its own particular and one of a kind shape and attributes. The Honda Vezel headlights for the most part highlight two LED projector lights in the focal point of the front light while assistive Halogen lights on its internal side. These incandescent lights are primarily used to upgrade perceivability by giving high pillars on the streets. A fine DRL strip is additionally situated at the lower part of the front lamp that starts from one end and advances all-around to the opposite end.
Presently contrast this and the ones introduced in the KIA Sportage, the KIA Sportage ones are very appealing, forceful, and modern when contrasted with the ones in the Honda Vezel. There is no Halogen light position and everything is LED. A gigantic LED projector is set solidly in the focal point of the LED headlights with two arrangements of slick DRL lights encompassing it. There are additionally 7 separate LED pointers present in the inward edge of the fog light.

The Rear End:

Discussing the Honda Vezel and beginning with the back taillights, the Honda Vezel highlights a smoother plan for the taillights. The brake lights are LED just and the remainder of the light comprises just of halogen bulbs. The reflectors are put on the back guard. There is additionally an opposite camera concealed right underneath the Honda’s back insignia.

Presently coming towards the KIA Sportage’s backside, this vehicle has been totally reclassified as far as looks and shape. The back taillights are astounding and comprise of all LED innovation. That LED include gives more noticeable quality and improves additional looks of the vehicle from the backside, particularly when driving around evening time.

One thing that can be seen in basically the same manner in both of these hybrids is that it has a similar reflector situation, a similar LED brake light positioned on the spoiler, and a similar shark balance radio wire that can be apparent from the backside.

Trunk Space:

Discussing the storage compartment space for Honda Vezel, the storage compartment space is very sensible in light of the fact that it is a hybrid SUV. The storage compartment additionally offers a hard yet adaptable trunk separator for various types of gear. Something lamentable is that it doesn’t accompany an extra wheel that can be considered as a hindrance in case the vehicle gets penetrated in the street or the interstate.

Considering coming towards the storage compartment space of the KIA Sportage, the KIA Sportage offers a flimsy and retractable trunk separator for simple comfort and arrangement of products. The space is sufficiently enormous, exactly 502 liters alongside an extra wheel in the event your vehicle faces a punctured tire in your excursion.

The Interior:

The inside can be viewed as one of the urgent focuses for individuals who are really keen on buying a vehicle. Obviously, the inside is the place where they will invest the majority of their energy. Accordingly, it should be outmatched. Henceforth, we furnish you with itemized inside determinations.

Discussing the inside of the Honda Vezel, this hybrid elements an enchanted inside with a ton of blends of dark, hard material, beige, delicate material alongside chrome decorating. This threesome can be seen all through the inside that makes the vehicle seriously fulfilling and engaging. The 8-inch infotainment touchscreen directly in the focal point of the control center makes the network and availability advantageous for both the driver and the traveler. One might say that this hybrid was somewhat radical.

Presently returning to the future, the KIA Sportage offered something similar, yet with a more creative style. The inside is to be sure exceptionally tasteful and very like the Honda Vezel yet it separates from it somewhat too. The controlling wheel has taken on a more present day look alongside the check group. You will get two measures forthright, the RPM check on the left and the speedometer on the right with an advanced data show in the center. While in the Honda Vezel, you get a solitary monstrous speedometer in the middle. Notwithstanding, you will get practically all of the data in computerized toward the front.

The seats are agreeable and exceptional, the material utilized is first class and the solace is past the scale. This element can be proclaimed for both of the hybrids and there probably won’t be any discussion on that.

Where the Difference Start

With regards to the examination of both of these hybrids as far as extravagance, solace, and outside, they may share some comparative position however the thing that matters is being conveyed hugely with regards to the presentation. The Honda Vezel shares 8 distinct forms (or variations) for their imported class. Those renditions fluctuate from offering programmed petroleum to programmed half and half. Nonetheless, the motor limit offered is 1500 cc (1496 cc to be exact)

Then again, the KIA Sportage offers a superior motor. The numbers go up to 2000 cc (1999 cc to be exact) alongside three distinct variations for the Pakistani market. The decision is restricted and straightforward and there isn’t a lot conceptualizing for picking the right model from a tremendous assortment. 

Local vs Imported:

The following conspicuous variable that recognizes Honda Vezel from the KIA Sportage is its nearby and worldwide gathering. Honda Vezel is an imported unit that has been reviewed as a JDM. For your data, JDM represents Japanese Domestic Market. This implies that the vehicles that are named as JDM are simply restricted to the Japanese market. So Honda Vezel being a JDM is a Japanese vehicle that must be imported to Pakistani grounds.

As opposed to that, the KIA Sportage is a hybrid that is gathered locally in Pakistan. There is no such problem when contrasted with the Honda Vezel and you get a newly made unit that is made in Pakistan. 

Price Tags:

Albeit both of these hybrids have been delivered in their individual periods, their costs are practically equivalent to one another. Honda Vezel made its introduction in the Pakistani market around 2013 and is effectively being imported from that point forward. The sticker price on this imported hybrid rests around PKR 4 million – 5 million, contingent on the time of production, year of import, mileage covered, and the state of the vehicle.

Then again, the recently delivered KIA Sportage costs around PKR 4.5 million – 5.5 million, contingent on the kind of variation you pick.


In this way, regardless of whether you need to pick the Honda Vezel or the KIA Sportage, the choice lays on your shoulders. It exclusively relies upon one’s inclination also. Assuming you are more into JDM vehicles and like to ride on an imported hybrid, then, at that point, the Honda Vezel can be your decision. Assuming you are an aficionado of privately collected vehicles and don’t have any desire to utilize a recycled ride and need the direct insight alongside all the most recent tech and elements, then, at that point, KIA Sportage can be your definitive inclination.

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