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Tips to Hire a Wedding Dress Preservation Company

Are you a new bride who has just finished her wedding celebration? If you are, then the next you must be worried about before your honeymoon trip is your beautiful wedding gown. During the wedding party, you might have spilt juice or alcohol on it or it somehow got dirty. So, now you must be looking for a way to get it cleaned. However, cleaning might not be the best solution to restore the beauty of your cherished gown. Instead, you should think about hiring a wedding dress preservation company. 

Before you choose any preservation company for your wedding dress, there are a few things you need to know about their preservation service. So, here are five questions that you can think of asking the preservationist. 

Question 1: How much do they charge for preserving your wedding gown?

Well, you must know the amount they are charging for the preservation of your gown. From that, you will not only get to know how much you will have to pay but also get an idea of the technique they will use. After all, the price of the service will vary as per their service and techniques. 

Sometimes, brides purchase a gown preservation kit thinking it to be a perfect way of wedding gown preservation. However, it is not that easy. The kit contains tissue paper and a do it yourself plan. The prices of these kinds of preservation services are usually on the lower side. However, when you go for a proper wedding gown preservation service, just be clear that you might have to pay a higher price than the kit. After all, the preservationist will come up with a treatment plan just to offer you the best wedding dress preservation service. You can easily find several retailers online that offer this service at reasonable prices. 

Question 2: What is the process of preservation they follow? 

Well, when you are going for a wedding gown preservation service, you most probably want to be sure about the procedure they will use for preservation. That’s why it is better to ask them about the process they are going to use to provide the service. 

If you don’t really know which type of preserving process you should go for, it will be better to look for a company that cleans the hem and the top of the bodice of the dress. These are two areas that are more likely to get dirty and stains. The hem can get dirty because of dirt, while the top of the bodice can get dirty because of make-up, deodorant, spilling of juice, or any other thing. So, you need a skilled person to provide you with the preservation service. Expert preservationists come up with a cleaning treatment plan according to the fabric and dirt stains of your dress. 

Question 3: Will they clean the wedding gown separately? 

If you go for a dry cleaning service, they will simply throw your gown with the rest of their dry-cleaning batches. However, wedding dresses need to be cleaned separately. 

Question 4: Will they seal the gown in the preservation box after the service?

Some preservation companies do not offer their preservation boxes. This might result in moisture getting into the box and eventually causing damage to your dress. Thus, they must offer a preservation box and store the dress safely within the box. A sealed box will keep your dress protected from moisture and insects.

The Final Thoughts

So, you must have understood now how you can select a good gown preservation company and get their expert service. Hopefully, now, you will be able to find a good company and have their trained preservationists provide you with the service. Even if you think of getting a gown preservation kit, it is better to get it from a renowned preservation company. So, now, think carefully to find the right way to preserve your dress and just go for it!

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