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5 Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe Design

A bedroom must have a wardrobe. It is there where you store all your clothing so that the bedroom looks nice and tidy. Not only this functional role, but wardrobes also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.  
However, today, choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom can be difficult. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it’s often confusing to choose the right one for your bedroom.
Picking the perfect wardrobe design can be tricky though. So, you have to keep a lot of things in mind such as design, quality, functionality, etc. before you settle for one.  
If you are looking for wardrobes in Kenya, there are several online stores where you can get personalized or ready-to-use wardrobes at great prices.
But first, more on how to choose the perfect wardrobe design.  
Type of Wardrobe

The type of wardrobe you want is the first decision you need to make. You can choose between a free-standing wardrobe and a built-in wardrobe. A free-standing wardrobe has the facility that it can be moved across rooms. You can even carry them with you when you move houses. Whereas, with a built-in wardrobe, you can build it the way you prefer. You’ll have complete freedom in deciding the style, color, material, etc., and customize a built-in wardrobe the way you prefer.

Wardrobe Size
Before buying a wardrobe, you must check the measurements of your floor and determine the available floor space. You must choose a wardrobe so that it fits fine in the available space. You must also consider the height of the wardrobe so that you can hang different types of clothes.  
As a rough estimate, the height of an adults’ wardrobe can be 45 inches and above. The same for kids can be 15 inches.  
Also, make sure that the wardrobe you build does not block any source of light and a lot of space is still there for the other furniture and bed.  

The market is full of different types of wardrobe designs. So, choosing one from all the available options can be difficult. So, when you choose a wardrobe always keep in mind the theme of your interior. You must also consider the rest of the furniture in the room when choosing a particular design of the wardrobe. Make sure the wardrobe matches the style of your interiors and also the color of your walls.  
Another thing to consider when deciding on a wardrobe is its storage space. Determine how much storage space you’ll need to accommodate different types of clothing that you have. The wardrobe must be big enough for both drawers and hanging spaces. The drawer will help keep your clothing organized and the hanging space will support all your clothing that can’t be folded

While choosing a wardrobe, another important factor that you must consider is the material. Because wardrobe is not a piece of furniture you’ll change often, choose only good quality material. Even though wood is the material of choice for many, there are some other materials like acrylic and laminates that are also becoming popular nowadays.  
If you are looking for a kid’s wardrobe, and the room is colorful, choosing acrylic material would be a wise choice. While for a room full of wooden furniture, a wooden wardrobe is a nice fit.  

A wardrobe is something that not only provides storage space but is also a part of your home décor. And while choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom you need to keep this in mind. Don’t just pick up any random wardrobe, but keep the factors discussed above while choosing one. Apart from the design, there are several other factors such as storage space, size, and a lot of other things that you need to keep in mind.  
If you are looking for wardrobes in Kenya, you can get a lot of online and brick and mortar stores that sell various different types of wardrobes

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