Ayurveda and How It Can be used for Relief from Joint Pain

Ayurveda focuses on harmony and balance within the human body. It also emphasizes harmony between the body and the surrounding environment. When this harmony is disturbed, the body faces a lot of troubles and diseases and joint pain is one of them.

Joint pain often starts as mild pain and is often ignored till it enhances and turns into a chronic disorder. 

Ayurvedic treatments are always wholesome and when it comes to joint pain, it has a plethora of natural remedies you can use to treat it. Whether it’s knee pain or shoulder pain, Ayurvedic treatments can help you get rid of those using natural products.

These days, you can also get online Ayurvedic consultation and treat diseases like joint pain easily. 

Mentioned below are the natural Ayurvedic treatments that you can use to treat any type of joint pain, whether mild or chronic. 

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

Turmeric or Haldi is a bright yellow spice found in almost every household in India. Ayurvedic remedies often use turmeric to treat a wide range of diseases and joint pain is one of them. The anti-inflammatory ingredient present in turmeric is curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties as well. These properties of curcumin are extremely useful in significantly reducing joint pain. 

Turmeric is particularly useful for people with rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is characterized by a situation where the body’s immune system attacks itself, leading to inflammation and joint pains. 

Regular consumption of turmeric also helps in improving joint flexibility and support and thus is extremely useful for knee pain as well. 

Here it is noteworthy that knee pain is the most common type of joint pain experienced because the knee is the major weight-bearing joint in our bodies. 

There are different ways you can consume turmeric. You can either use it in food as turmeric powder or there are turmeric capsules and tablets that you can consume as a supplement. 


Ginger is another naturally occurring ingredient used as a spice in many Indian households and can be used to reduce joint pain. Studies show that ginger extract has a significant role in reducing pain due to Osteoarthritis in the knee. 

Ginger too has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to improve joint health and reduce joint pain. Regular consumption of this spice helps in restoring optimal levels of the Vatadosha in the body and it is due to this property of ginger that it is extremely beneficial in reducing joint pain. 

Ginger can be consumed as a spice, natural extract, herbal tea, or capsules. Its anti-inflammatory property works in reducing the effects of inflammation in the body triggered by joint pain, and it is due to this property that ginger becomes effective in reducing the pain.

Ayurvedic Oils

There are different ayurvedic oils that are used for their therapeutic properties. These oils need to be massaged on the whole body or the particular joint that is aching to help reduce pain. 


This oil is a blend of natural ingredients and spices such as lemon, ginger, and turmeric. The base oil used is extracted from sesame seeds and coconut milk. Massaging this oil over the entire body relieves joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness caused due to it. 


This oil is prepared with Kapoor or camphor in a base of sesame seed oil and massaging it can help maintain optimal health of muscles and joints. 

Applying this oil relaxes muscles and also maintains muscle flexibility and strength. This oil works wonders in soothing painful joints in Osteoarthritis, at the same time providing a calming sensation to the body and mind. 

Joint pain is an extremely common symptom that makes it extremely painful to carry out the range of motion that we usually perform. Luckily there are several ayurvedic treatments available that can work wonders in reducing pain and inflammation. There are naturally occurring spices like turmeric and ginger that you can consume to reduce joint pain. There are also some ayurvedic oils that can be massaged to get rid of the pain. 

So, if you are facing any type of joint pain in the body you can get an online Ayurvedic consultation to check what type of pain it is and gain knowledge about the type of ayurvedic treatment you’d need to get rid of it. 

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