Repair Quickbooks license error

As you may be aware, in order to install QuickBooks on any pc, we must first fill out the product code and license number. The data is always encoded in a secret code that is highly secure.

Most QuickBooks users clone their hard disc to switch to a computer with greater efficiency, however, this, like all other activities performed by a QuickBooks user, might result in mistakes. We’ll explore and analyze the licensing mistake that occurs after cloning in this article. This is a typical problem that may be quickly resolved by following a few fixes.

Understanding QuickBooks License Error After Cloning

For the whole evaluation operation, QuickBooks needs a license number and a product code. The data is always encrypted in QuickBooks files, and when this encrypted file is lost or corrupted, the “QuickBooks License Error” arises.

The error code 3371 in QuickBooks denotes a licensing problem. You may receive several sets of status codes for the same problem code 3371, such as-

  • Error 3371, Status Code -11118
  • Error 3371, Status Code -1

Factors leading to QuickBooks License Error

There can be a few reasons behind the error code 3371, that is the License Cloning Error in your QuickBooks. Look for the factors down below:

  • When the MSXML element and data, both of which are required to execute QuickBooks Desktop, are corrupted.
  • QuickBooks software that is no longer supported. 
  • The window’s os is out of date.
  • The license data is stored in the data file, which is an installation file. The details about the license. Before QuickBooks starts, the licensing data included in the file is verified. QuickBooks will not open if the QR registration dot erase file is destroyed or missing.
  • QuickBooks actions are being blocked by malware software.
  • The MSXML component in Windows is broken.

Indicators to License Error after cloning in QuickBooks 

You can know that your system has a license error, if you see the following signs on your screen, whenever your try to access the QuickBooks.

  • The licensing settings in QuickBooks do not sync.
  • In comparison to usual, the computer’s efficiency has deteriorated.
  • An existing program window is crashed by a QuickBooks issue.
  • On the display, the status code for Error 3371 is 11118.

Important Points to Remember Before Fixing the Error

  • If you’re having trouble accessing the business file after cloning, try executing QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • To confirm that you have a legitimate product registration key, call Support.
  • On each of your PCs, always use the most current edition of QuickBooks Pc.
  • When shifting QuickBooks from one device to another, it is generally a good idea to make a backup of your business information.

Essential System Requirements 

There are a few fundamental prerequisites that must be met here. When the conditions are not satisfied, your QuickBooks application may experience an error or difficulty. The following are the fundamental system demands:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and above.
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Internet: Required
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0
  • CD ROM: 4x CD-ROM drive

Simple Solutions to Repair QuickBooks License Error

Method 1: Update Windows OS 

Upgrading Windows with the most recent updates not only ensures that you have the most up-to-date and spyware elements in your operating system, but it also eliminates generic instability in key parts such as the.NET Framework and MSXML. To receive the most recent Windows updates, follow the steps outlined below.

  • On your computer, press the Start key and enter Windows Update.
  • Choose Check for Updates after selecting System Update from the list of applications.
  • If there are any updates available, hit Install Updates.
  • After Windows downloads, all of the updates, restart your pc since the update will be installed on the boot page.
  • Start launching and registering QuickBooks again when Windows has finished installing all of the updates.

Method 2: Erase the Entitlement Data File 

  • QuickBooks Software should be closed.
  • Make sure QuickBooks programs that are operating in the meantime are likewise turned off.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time.
  • It launches the Task Manager application.
  • Go to the Processes section of the menu bar.
  • Examine QuickBooks’s procedures.
  • If it’s already running, go through each one individually.
  • After you’ve selected each procedure, click Finish Task.
  • Now you must access your computer’s entitlement data folder.
  • Launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Then type C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlementClientv8 into the search box.
  • To begin, hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Choose the ECML file.
  • Then, right-click the file and select Delete from the menu.
  • When the file has been entirely removed
  • After that, launch QuickBooks and navigate to the company file.
  • The application must be registered.

Method 3: Function the 3371 Error from QuickBooks Tool Hub

The 3371 error repair tool was created with the sole purpose of resolving QuickBooks licensing problem 3371. You must first download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub on your desktop in order to use the 3371 problem repair tool. The methods to acquire QuickBooks Tool Hub and use it are as follows:

  • Leave QuickBooks at first.
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub is available for download. We recommend that you download the most recent version.
  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file that you downloaded.
  • Then, following the on-screen directions, install the tool hub.
  • To continue, check the box that says “I agree to the terms and conditions.”
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub icon appears on the computer once the installation is finished.

Final Word!

Performing these simple diagnostic procedures will ensure that you are no longer experiencing QuickBooks License Error after Clone. We’ve done our best to provide you with as much data as possible to make the procedure as easy and clear as possible.

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