What is the concept behind Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket has been on the rise over the past decade, and is becoming more popular with the advancement of technology. Players have a lot of options for leagues and formats to fill out their teams, and people find these online games a fun way to spend their time.

Cricket game’s popularity has exploded over the last two or three decades. Players like the Indian team that won their first major championship through the 1983 World Cup saw instant growth. 

Real money games transformed Indian sports. Sachin Tendulkar emerged as the biggest star that India had ever seen, and millions of cricket lovers embraced the game fiercely, bringing about changes in the lifestyle and approach to the game that are still being felt 100 years on today. 

Cricket is no longer an elite sport, but popular amongst all walks of society. Consequently, people are eager to share their opinions on the game through social media platforms heavily engaged in the online digital communities. All this alongside a boom in the Indian cricket team’s fanbase has led to worldwide popularity of cricket fantasy league.

These fantasy cricket enthusiasts remained confined “to their homes and to their groups” where they could all argue with one another about what players should be selected, and strategies the team should use. Fantasy gaming and online sports changed this, offering a platform to extend their passion and turn it into something more active.

Fantasy Cricket has been a way for cricket enthusiasts to finally live out their fantasy of being a cricket team boss. Fans of the sport enjoy Fantasy Cricket’s ability to unite them on social media. Fantasy Cricket uses social media to appeal to sports fans around the world with team competitions, specialized scoring systems, and international tournaments that affect everyone who is playing.

Fantasy Cricket has empowered fans with reasoned cricketing passion and acumen to bring their abundance of knowledge and planning and put it all into something productive. With so many challenges to compete against, any bonus cash rewards for the best performing teams is a nice little bonus.

The concept behind fantasy cricket is not confined to the realm of fantasy. The ability to come together and compete from all walks of life also translates into reality, where passionate and cricket-mad people from across the world can rejoice in their victory when at their skillful and analytical best.

Fantasy Cricket Points system

How do you create an active gaming experience with cricket? Fantasy Cricket games rely on a points system which depends on run scoring, wicket taking, and so on. Fantasy sports games like Fantasy Cricket make it fun to compete in something, even without participating in the usual game. Bonus points are awarded to players who have a better strike rate. Points are deducted for poor performances, to encourage bonuses over losses. Points are also deducted if your player concedes too many runs or is out for a duck. Cricket has been updated to include the best aspects of the game- without throwing its history out of the window.

The best players in Fantasy Cricket are Captains, who earn two points for every cricket player, and Vice-captains earn points that are multiplied by 1.5. You can make these point-gaining decisions based on any performances you think will yield the most points.


Fantasy cricket has grown in popularity with sports fans. In cricket, there are a few skills necessary to partake in fantasy, such as picking the right batsmen and bowler for the specific pitch, examining current weather conditions, selecting from a variety of formats from Fifty Over T20 to Test Cricket – the list goes on. 

This article details the main concepts behind Fantasy Cricket, including how it helps you be more connected to rewards. 

If you are also looking for an app that fits into your requirements, then go no farther! With this article’s help, there is no questioning whether Fantasy Cricket is the perfect game for you.

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