How much is camon 17 pro in Nigeria

The specifics Camon 17 pro

The specifics Camon 17 pro

Contrary to the predecessor, CAMON 17 Pro in Nigeria places its camera’s rectangular module on the left-hand corner of the back of the cover.

The power button, which has the integrated fingerprint reader, is situated on the right side, along with its rockers and volume controls. Fingerprint sensors are extremely responsive and will be activated when your thumb comes into proximity to the sensor.

TECNO announces the CAMON 17 Pro as the “Clearest Selfie Camera” due to its huge 48 megapixel AI Selfie Camera wrapped inside the delicate, centered , punch-hole cutout that is used to display the.

In addition, it comes with many options that appeal to you, such as a 64MP quad camera that offers ultra-wide support and the Helio G95 SoC that comes with it’s Full HD+ display that refreshes at 90Hz, and other.

At a cost that is lower than $300-$250 range, the CAMON 17 Pro is already one of the cheapest mid-range devices you can purchase without hesitation! Here is our comprehensive review of CAMON 17 Pro, showing each feature and feature it has to offer.


The TECNO CAMON 17 Pro looks attractive in its new style. It addresses the concerns of customers who had the older model, it is a completely plastic design with a matte-finish. It’s a winner in making the device difficult for fingerprints.

Contrary with its predecessor, the CAMON 17 Pro places its camera’s rectangular module on the left corner on the back of the cover.

The power button with a fingerprint scanner integrated is located on the right of the frame, as are the volume controls.

Despite the enormous storage capacity of 256GB, TECNO throws out support for micro SD cards inside the device. It has three slots for two nano-SIM cards as with microSD cards.

A second microphone is that is located at the upper part of the frame that allows audio recording in stereo as well as noise cancellation.

At the lower part is the USB-C port along with the principal speaker, the principal microphone, and the 3.5 millimeter audio connector.


The CAMON 17 series are the first TECNO device to have a central punch-hole designed to let selfie cameras.

The screen has Full HD+ resolution with 395 pixels per inch. It it also makes the screen easier to read when it is in bright sunlight.


This is probably the aspect you’ve been waiting on And now it’s available!

With its “Clearest self-portrait camera” tag It comes with a 48MP camera to take selfies.

Moving to the back cameras, there’s a configuration that has four cameras.

The camera can display “clear pictures” as you would think. With the aid of “Magic Pixel” it is possible to shoot with the highest resolution.

There are a lot of camera features on the TECNO CAMON 17 PRO.

The camera has significant improvements to the capabilities of the camera that were on previous models and TECNO hasn’t put off expanding the features it can offer on the marketplace.

Regarding video recording, it’s obvious it is evident that CAMON 17 Pro will be significantly better than it’s predecessor

Such as Short Videos, Time Lapse, Portrait Video, Beauty Video, Slow Motion, and many more. They are all of them with the highest resolution in 4K.

There’s also a dedicated video mode available in CAMON 17 Pro, proving that you can alter your videos straight from the Camera app or in Gallery.

Battery Life

Therefore, you don’t have anxiety about losing your phone crash when you’re ready to capture those unforgettable momentsor perform other important tasks to you.

Performance & Software

The CAMON 16 Premier was a robust device when it came out last year, however this time, more powerful. CAMON 17 Pro delivers more.

With the Helio G95 CPU’s with a 90Hz rate of refresh for the display.

Along with a staggering 8GB RAM capacity, this machine can deliver smooth and smooth animations, with impressive performance.

Switching between apps and launching them is much more efficient.

For a short time, Peek Proof gives you more privacy , and also protects you from spying on your device.

8GB of RAM allows you to seamlessly multitask. You can run multiple apps simultaneously without having to shut down the system too often. It also allows for smooth games and overall efficiency.


In order to bring the gaming experience as well as entertainment to life.

The TECNO CAMON17 Pro comes with 2 stereo speakers.

You’ll experience the cinematic sound experience when you play music, or listen to watching video.

In addition, you get the 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the device.

In case you require connecting your headphones via wire or the ones included in the box.

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