13 Roleplay Plots You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

A thing that most creators realize is that it’s great to have characters and diverse universes to explore, but what’s the point of it if you don’t have anything to have to do with them? Many people choose to play roleplay as a method of using characters whether they’re from the original universe or fandoms. It’s a great escape for many people , but what happens when you’re out of ideas? This is a very bad situation for you to find yourself in. Therefore, here are a few diverse ideas for plots of roleplay.

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1. Guardian Angel

Person A has experienced numerous near-death experiences during their lifetime. They should be dead , but it’s like something is protecting them. They then meet Person B, their guardian angel.

2. Vampire Prince

The person A happens to be a vampire prince. They run the kingdom and are seated on the throne. However, the throne is contested. Every year , a sacrifice taken from a nearby village to The Vampire Royalty. They kidnap the person B and transfer they on a trip to their castle.

From here, you can travel anywhere you like! Person A could turn someone B in to vampire. Person A could be merciful to the vampire and take them back into the village. Or keep them as a pet similar. The possibilities are endless, so you can just play with it!

3. Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor

One of the patients is mentally hospital patient who is there for whatever reasons you’d prefer. At present, nobody has been able to progress with the patient A. This is until the Person B arrives.

This is a good choice If you enjoy delving in characters as well as their interactions with other characters.

4. Western Universe

Person A is on the edges of the ranch and notice Person B lying on the ground. Person B was wounded and is likely to die in the event that they don’t get help.

I left this one open. Do you think that Person A would be willing to take the risk and aid Person B? What is the cost should they choose to do so?

5. Werewolf Universe

I don’t have anything particular to say about this song. I think it’s sort of an oldie, but a goodie. Like the Vampire one, there are numerous possibilities to take it. Are they werewolves? Do they share a human? Is one of them turned while the other one has to take care of it? Are two werewolves fighting? There are a lot of possibilities for this Just do it.

6. Zombie Apocalypse

After having lost all of their possessions, friends, and allies, Person A discovers themselves alone and without defense. This is until they cross into the group of Person B. What is the reaction of Person B? Do they welcome Person A’s invitation with full arms or are they suspicious and hostile?

7. Reverse!Verse

This is mainly applicable to fandom-related RPG’s. Consider the main characters and change their roles. You can make them completely opposite to who they are, and see where it leads you.

8. Ghost and Haunted

Person A has relocated to their brand new residence. (Apartment Mansion, Apartment and a charming townhouse or whatever you’d like.) For the first couple of nights, everything is quiet. Things begin to turn chaotic and they meet Person B. The house was inhabited by Person B in the past. They were somehow killed and were left to their home as ghosts.

9. Memory loss

The two have been friends with each for quite a while. Person A is involved in an accident that causes head injuries and causes them to lose contact with Person B, and even all they’ve known. It’s the responsibility of Person B to assist them in recollecting and, if they’re not able to remember to help them figure out what happened to them.

10. Body Swap

It seems to me that this is pretty straightforward. Person A and B swap bodies for a period of time. There is chaos as they attempt to play the roles of each the other and work out their differences.

11. Purge

(As in the film, “Purge”)

Both Persons A and B go through Purge. They are trapped fighting each other against those who would like to kill them.

It’s pretty transparent also. Be creative with who your characters are , their roles and stuff similar to that.

12. Mind Reading for a day

Person A wakes up in a state of mind-reading. Then what happens when they are able to read their closest friend the mind of Person B?

This could be a great place to mix another of these! Maybe Person B knew something they wanted to keep from Person A learn about.

13. Treasure Hunter Universe

The person A happens to be a reputable treasure hunter. They have put years of effort to find the most stunning treasure of their lives only for Person B the treasure thief to steal it in the final moment.

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