20 Of The Coolest Animal Species In The World

The world is filled with incredible creatures. It’s so amazing that the task of reducing them to just 20 was almost impossible. To decide who made the list, I took into account crucial factors like adorableness, and how many of them resembled Pokemon. It’s official, I know. This is why I have compiled a list of the coolest animals around the world.

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink fairy armadillo can be described as the most adorable and tiniest species of the armadillo. It is listed on the endangered species list and is located in the dunes, sandy plains as well as grasslands in Argentina. Pink fairy armadillo an nocturnal animal that lives mostly on plants and insects.

2. Okapi

The ocipi is an animal that is native in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. Although the stripes may make people believe that okapi are related to zebras they are more like the giraffe. Okapi is a solitary animal and also breeds with other animals. They are herbivores that primarily eating grass, leaves, and various other plants.

3. Glaucus Atlanticus or “the Blue Dragon”

A blue dragon nudibranch is consuming its favorite prey: a man-o-war jellyfish

A blue dragon nudibranch feeding on its favorite food source which is a man-of-war jellyfish

The little dragons typically are just a few inches wide and are located in the oceans of the Indian Pacific. Blue dragons float upside down, blending the blue part of them with the water, and then blends the silver side is merged with water’s surface. The tiny dragon eats creatures similar to the man o war and may give a sting that is similar to it.

4. The Maned Wolf

The maned wolf can be found in the grasslands in the central-west, south and the southeastern regions of Brazil. It isn’t associated with wolves or the foxes, despite their appearance and appearance, however it is more similar to dogs. Maned Wolf hunts on its own and mostly eats animals and plant matter (about 50 percent of its diet).

5. Fossa

The fossa is an animal that is carnivore animal found in Madagascar. Although it has many characteristics similar to cats however, it is much more closely related to Mongoose. The fossa can only be found in forests and is able to hunt either evening or daytime. More than 50 percent of its diet is believed to be lemurs.

6. Japanese Spider Crab

Like the name implies as the name suggests, the Japanese spider crab is found in the waters that surround Japan. In many areas of Japan the crab is able to be considered delicacy, but isn’t easy to capture. This Japanese spider crab can be up to 12 feet in length from the claw to the claw. There is one marine creature- in the sea of like types (aka crustaceans)that can match the weight of the Japanese spider crab The American Lobster.

7. Pacu Fish

Take a close look at the teeth. Do appear familiar? The fish can be located throughout the water in South America. While it is similar to the piranha, could get bigger. They are also located in rivers such as the Amazon and can be a great aid for the fish industry. Pacu, unlike piranha typically eat only nuts and seeds, but it can cause serious injury to animals should the they need to.

8. Slow Loris

Slow loris are an nocturnal animal that is found throughout Southeast Asia. Although cute, its teeth are extremely poisonous. The toxin that is found on their teeth may also get into fur by grooming in order to shield their babies from predators. They usually hunt and are solitary however, they can occasionally be seen alongside other slow lorises. In addition to their poisonous teeth, slow lorises also have an additional defense mechanism that they are able to move almost completely in silence to avoid being discovered.

9. Angora Rabbit

The cute fluffy rabbits are amongst the most sexiest rabbit breeds, both domestic and wild types. They originated in Turkey however they were able to expand throughout Europe and even came into America. United States in the 20th century. The rabbits are typically kept for their soft wool that can be used to make clothing. They typically get rid of their coats every 3-4 months.

10. Axolotl

The axolotl, or “Mexican salamander” (who appears to be an Pokemon when you are interested) is commonly seen in lakes throughout the country in Mexico. The salamanders are amphibious, but they reside exclusively in water. However, the number of these adorable animals is declining because of non-native predators and the increasing development of Mexico. The axolotl consumes tiny worms, insects and fish to stay alive.

11. Liger


The liger however, created its own sounds, is actually a real (and adorable) animal that was created by a lion and two-tiger pair mating. The liger is only seen in zoos or captivity because the tiger and the lion do not have the same habitat within the natural world. They aren’t very long-lived or are sterile, despite being larger that both the lion as well as the tiger. Although these animals are fascinating and unique, they’re not sustainable or completely natural.

12. Bearded Vulture

Bearded Vulture

I do not know about you but this vulture has reminded my of the phoenix. That was the first reason I began looking into the animal. The vultures are found in a wide range of areas all the way from south Europe up to Indian subcontinent, and up to Tibet. The vulture, as with others, consumes dead animals. However, it has been proven that bearded vultures take on live prey more frequently than other vultures.

13. Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark

The shark that is so unique is called an “living fossil” since they are the only representative of sharks that lived around 130 millions of years ago. This is an ocean-deep shark which can grow to 10-13 feet, if not more. Goblin sharks have been caught in a variety of ways in all major ocean. The goblin shark isn’t quick swimmer and depends on the ambush of its prey.

14. Red Panda

Red Panda

The cute and small panda can be found in eastern Himalayas as well as the southwest region of China. Red pandas are small, around similar to domestic cats. Its food preferences range from eggs to bamboo to insects, and a variety of other mammals that are small. The red panda is mostly active during the day, and at night, or in the early mornings, it will go out and do the hunting it is required to do.

15. Blobfish


The blobfish is kind of so ugly, that it’s adorable (although it does remind me of a Pokemon ) The fish is found within the waters deep that are found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. Blobfish have a density just a little higher than water. It hunts mostly by floating around and letting other creatures enter its mouth, instead of expend all of its energy.

16. Leaf Deer

Leaf Deer

The leaf deer is usually located in dense forests within the northwestern region of Putao. The adult deer measures around 20 inches tall and the females as well as males look virtually identical with an inch-long horn on males. The term “leaf” is used to describe a deer due to hunters being able to wrap the deer into a single large leaf.

17. Tiger


While tigers are more frequent animal than the other animals on this list however, they’re still among the most fascinating species of animals on the planet. Tigers are the biggest of cats, and they were once found across Russia to Turkey as well as some parts of Asia nearly everywhere in the world. They are fierce, tough creatures, but they are listed as endangered species list.

18. Narwhals


Narwhals are a type of whales that reside in the waters of Greenland, Canada, and Russia. The diet of the narwhal varies based on the time of the year In spring, the narwhal eats cod, while during the winter, narwhals consume flatfish. Narwhals live up to 50 years, and they most often die from suffocation due to being trapped in the glacier.

19. Cheetah


Cheetahs are more commonly seen than the other animals listed on this list, are amazing. They can be found in a variety of regions in Africa in addition to Iran. They can travel at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour in just three seconds. They utilize their tails to make rapid and abrupt turns. They also have claws that retract semi-retractable, which aid in speed. Cheetahs, however, does not have much other than the ability to move quickly in order to protect itself.

20. Superb Bird of Paradise

Superb Bird of Paradise

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This GIF illustrates the mating ritual that males perform to create the perfect bird of paradise. Most females will reject 20 potential mates before choosing one to pair with. They are typically located throughout New Guinea although it is unclear how many birds there are. According to scientists they have found that the population is steady.

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