Things That Should Be Invented

Are you ever in your day without thinking of a device that could help you accomplish that task is much simpler? This happens to me and a few others, much more frequently than we imagine. While doing laundry, making beds while going to work or making ourselves ready for a night out, or just taking a bite to eat, the thoughts occur to us. It would be nice if they could be actually created. After I realized these odd inventions are available to us all the time I thought I would inquire from my family and friends what they had thought of.

Machine that makes beds

Teleportation machine

Necklace de-tangler

Rotating spaghetti fork

Spray onto wrapping paper

Books with waterproofing

Parking spot tracker

Have you ever looked in a parking area in search of a spot only to discover it’s not available?

Transparent toaster or knife which toasts bread when you cut it

Would you have averted the toast that burned If you had seen the toast cooking?

Faucet that makes hot water turn red as cold waters glow blue

This is the time to stop burning your hands with hot water!

Booth that sprays sunscreen throughout

If only we could at last, apply sunscreen for our entire body.

Rewindable microwave

Are you ever unhappy about having cooked that food an extra minute than you would have liked?

A “sick straw”

If we’re sick, the last thing we’d want to do is get up and go to the water bottle or Sprite. Then, what would you like a straw that can reach us out of the cup?

Machine to display an image of a memory

Are you trying to tell a story but you aren’t sure how to explain the story? Would it be possible to show the exact sequence of events that occurred?

Printer that can be ordered online

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It’s a pain waiting for your online order to be delivered to your door. It would be nice to have the possibility of having a printer automatically print the items you’ve ordered as soon after you press “submit the order”.

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