Here’s Why Fashion Nova is Streets Ahead of Other Affordable Fashion Brands

Whether we’re talking about Shein, Pretty Little Thing, boohoo, Forever 21 or Zara, there’s more than one reason Fashion Nova is standing out for its customers – not only is it the leader in fashion, providing up-to-the-moment looks to its loyal following and at low prices, but it’s also the most forward-thinking brand out there and fully committed to being an ambassador for those who benefit from its many charitable activities.

Fashion Nova started in 2006 with a commitment to bring the best in fashionable looks to people who couldn’t ordinarily afford the top designer brands that were pushing the newest styles.

Fashion is for everybody, no matter their shape, income or culture and because the creator of the hugely popular brand noticed that there was a hole in the market for affordable, bang up to style clothing that didn’t break the bank, Fashion Nova was born.

Why Fashion Nova is the best affordable brand 

There are many factors that make Fashion Nova stand out among its more lacklustre competitors. For one, many of the clothes sold on the Fashion Nova website are in fact made in the United States.

Around 75% of Fashion Nova’s styles are created in America, unlike those of Shein who produce all of their garments in China which of course means the standards of production are simply not comparable to clothes which are made in the USA.

Providing employment to Americans is only part of the good that Fashion Nova does. It’s charitable ventures have ensured that many charitable organisations and deserving individuals have received a share of millions in donations

Fashion Nova strives to level the playing field for people who would otherwise find it hard to get ahead in life. Dedicated to pushing forward those people in society who are disadvantaged due to their gender or culture, Fashion Nova has been praised for its commitment to making the world a better place for everyone.

The opportunities offered within the Fashion Nova brand are also universally admired with their influencer program being especially impressive. Even micro influencers can benefit from Fashion Nova’s brilliant approach to marketing – they love the fact that ordinary people want to share their products with their followers and encourage brand ambassadors with some very impressive rewards.

This is unlike boohoo for example who are well known for their lack of care and attention when it comes to their workers. 

This unfortunate attitude is quite common among Fashion Nova’s rivals – let’s look at Zara as an example. The brand is well-known for unethical practices when it comes to the environment but also for poor labor conditions for workers.

In contrast, Fashion Nova is actively engaged with people who are in need and this is evident in their Fashion Nova Cares campaign which is designed to directly assist those in need in our society. 

The campaign was designed to help individuals in poverty as well as charitable organisations and it’s this grass-roots work within communities which makes the brand stand out.

Some of the people who have benefited for the help for individuals had heart-rending stories of poverty or adversity to tell in their applications. Here are just a few of the people who’s lives Fashion Nova improved for the better.

NATASHA B. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“It’s been tough since COVID-19 hit. I lost my job as a dental assistant. I pay the bills in a household of four. I’m struggling to repay my student loans. Plus My mother isn’t well, she has really bad arthritis and is unable to work. I really don’t know how were going to manage paying all the bills. I would really appreciate some financial assistance.”

SANTRECE H. – Stone Mountain, GA

“I work in a clinic for Low income senior citizens. Every day that I go to work, I’ve been sacrificing my health to make sure others are taken care and have what they need, whether its food, someone to check on them while they’re social distancing. The money would really help us with our Care Packages for our patients that can’t go out and get food or any of the other essential items they may need. Right now, were all coming out of pocket, but as the number of employees decreases due to becoming symptomatic or lack of childcare/funds, it’s becoming harder to provide for them.”


“During this stressful time my family are being forced to be evicted from our home. My mom is a single mother working two jobs and both jobs have been shut down due to covid-19. I work a part time job, that has also been shut down and therefore we are backed up on rent. If I could get this money to help us keep our home, my mom has struggled her whole life to raise four girls all by herself and if this is the only way I can help her, then please I hope you see this.”

Fashion Nova is obviously a brand which cares deeply for those affected by poverty and it’s a brand which acts on its promises in the most practical ways possible.

Quality wins the day at Fashion Nova

The clothing at Fashion Nova may be affordable but this is a brand which takes no prisoners when it comes to quality. There’s no skimping on fabric, the cuts are generous and many items come fully lined and with well fitted zippers rather than cheap fastenings.

These details are what marks out a good piece of clothing from a poorly produced piece. One of the promises made by Fashion Nova is to provide affordable, elevated clothing and that’s exactly what they’re doing!

The team at Fashion Nova have long stood by their promise to bring the best to people who love fashion but to do it affordably and they’re continuing on in their exciting journey but with the addition of philanthropic activities to add even more worth to an already stellar brand

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