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What’s the ideal shower niche height? Things to know

The bathroom in the house is a very important area that needs to be well maintained. With this fact ingrained in our mind, we do take care of most of the things needed for the same like repairing leakages by getting a plumber on board, getting regrouting done to avoid mould problems in the shower area by hiring professionals like shower regrouting melbourne, getting the bathroom floor tiles cleaned on a regular basis, etc. But what about the mess that we unintentionally create with the things needed in a bathroom being littered everywhere because of no proper space assigned to keep them. Let’s talk about that in this article.

Is small bathroom size a problem for you as it looks cluttered with all your toiletries? How to organize a bathroom space despite its small size? And, how to make a small bathroom appear uncluttered? Well, we all like to keep all the essential toiletries in our bathroom at a hand’s reach. But this often results in a mess over time. Since nobody wants any clutter or mess around, it’s time to think about the inbuilt shower niche. But now the question arises that what should be the ideal shower niche height?

Well, a proper shower niche is quite convenient in small bathrooms. It provides you with a very simple and convenient way to store your shampoo bottles, lotions, and other bathroom accessories. If you get the right shower niche height, it eliminates the need for any caddies and racks that take extra space in a small bathroom. So, it’s essential to get its height right for a perfect modern-looking bathroom with practicality. 

But before jumping into the details of the right shower niche height, let’s find out what it is. 

What Is a Shower Niche?

A shower niche is a basic storage area with an open-space design. It is built within a wall in a shower area. Besides the shower area, you may even get a shower niche built for bathtub surrounds. They provide you with a very simple but quite organized way of storing the essential bathing goods. 

In case you share your bathroom space with others in your family, it can be a problem to maintain enough space. After all, we have to consider the requirements of everyone in a family without making any mess around. However, the shower niche shelf and caddy are a little difficult to maintain and clean. 

So, the best solution for you is to install a bathroom niche. It is a useful feature to allow you to store all the essential shower accessories in the right place without turning to organizers. And, the best part is that it does not even need too much space. After all, shower niches are ideal to conceal your bathroom within a shower wall. 

Things To Consider For Ideal Shower Niche Height

There is a wide variety of shower niche heights. The height range varies in shower niches due to people’s distinct needs. While some people may need it for accessibility, others like it for aesthetics. We suggest you consider its functionality before thinking of the aesthetics. For example, if you have a shower or bathtub installation, you have to consider a niche with a low height for easier access while bathing.  

Another important point to consider is whether your children will use the same shower. If so, it’s best to settle for a height that’s convenient for your kids, as well as you. For a woman’s niche shower, you can again consider a shower niche with a low height. This way, it can double as a space for shower foot for shaving their legs. Hence, it becomes double useful for them. 

How to Make a DIY Shower Niche

Well, it is a time-consuming project for creating a shower niche. However, it is not complicated. Here are some important things that you need for the project. Below this, we have also suggested some vital steps to help you complete your project on time. 

What you require:

  • A multi-tool
  • Tiling supplies
  • Framing wood
  • Tape measure
  • ½-inch cement board
  • Thin-set
  • Cement board tape
  • Utility knife
  • Tiles Spacers
  • Miter saw
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Screws

Steps For Installing Right Shower Niche Height

Here are some important steps to keep in mind when considering the right height for a shower niche:

Step 1: Measure the tiles for the right shower niche height

You need to arrange the tiles on a plain surface. Even add spacers to the ideal shower niche height to start. Then, you can use a straight board, measure it, and mark the starting and end points of each tile. 

Step 2: Niche size

You even need to consider how high or low and what size of niche height you want. Once you are done with the precise measurements, you can start building it with 2-by-4s.

Step 3: Fix the shower niche within the studs

Now, you got to use plywood to secure the shower niche in the studs using screws. You may even use a multi-tool to cut the bottom side of a concrete board for an ideal fit. 

Step 4: Install cement board to certain shower niche height

Next, you need to attach the right cement board to your shower niche height for adding the sides to a niche. It will ensure you measure and cut the niche properly. First, you have to keep the top boards and shelves in the right spot. Then, fix it to the wall. 

Step 5: Shelf slopping

You have to consider this step to enable proper water run-off. For this, it’s important to add a row of some gaps to its back. After that, use the screws to place the cement board on its top. 

Step 6: Make some finishing touches

Here, with finishing touches, we mean that you need to cover all the joints using a tap. Also, consider sealing with a special sealant. After that, you can apply a waterproof membrane and paint on the top. 

Step 7: Tiling at a specific shower shelf height

You require this final step to make sure that the shower niche height goes well with your existing bathroom interior. 

So, these are some essential steps to consider for the ideal height of a shower niche. Once all these steps are right, you can choose any design out of abundant shower niche ideas


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