Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK 2022

When a specific user alone has the exclusive right to use the entire server, we refer to that server as a dedicated server. The best thing about a dedicated server is the complete control you get on the server, even though it elevates the price levels. Network mapping software can quickly integrate everything into structured network maps. Web owners love the idea of having a server dedicated for only and only their website. 

If you’ve ever wondered why dedicated servers are so popular, you’ve come to the correct spot. We will discuss the advantages of dedicated servers and mention the two best dedicated server providers

There are three main options available when setting up a dedicated server


If you have any IT experts on staff and a proper server room, the best solution for you is most likely to set up an in-house server. Two main concerns could be high upfront costs and network connectivity.

  • Rent A Server

When you rent a server from a service provider, this is what you’re doing. Maintenance is the headache of the vendor. However, you are responsible for server configuration.


  • Colocation Hosting

This option allows you to set up a server in a third-party data centre. Keep in mind that you use the server that you privately own. As a business, you will be investing in the dedicated server. However, you will rent the rack, cooling, connectivity, physical security, and power.

Six Supreme Benefits of Buying Best Dedicated Server hosting UK 2022

Here are some of the supreme advantages of having a dedicated server.

  • Dedicated Resources

You are not bound to share your resources with other organisations or websites. All resources like CPU, RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth are reserved for you. 


  • You Avoid The Risks of Shared Hosting

Sharing comes with many risks. Dedicated servers set you free from all of them. There will be no slow loading times or crashes to ruin your brand reputation. Also, no other tenants will run a malicious script and bring you security threats. 

  • Good Loading Speed

Speed is critical in bringing traffic and increasing conversions. Since more resources are available with dedicated servers, your websites also load quickly. Speed is also required for a good ranking on search engines. Bots love fast-loading web pages


  • Server Customization

Dedicated servers come with a great room for customisation. Not only can you adjust hardware specifications, but you can also customise the server’s software. Install the operating system and tools of your choice.

  • Reliable Uptime

Even in peak traffic hours, your website will load fastly and run smoothly. Also, many data centres will even ensure you 100% uptime even in a natural disaster or an accident.  


  • Scalability & Security

The vendors will always reply positively to your requests for more processing power, disk space, or bandwidth. Also, dedicated servers are best at securing your website and precious data from breaches and attacks. 

What Are The Leading Names of Industry?

The industry is full of dedicated hosting providers. Selection becomes quite tricky when so many options are available. So let’s tell you about two brands that deserve the title of ‘Best Dedicated Server hosting UK’.   


  • TheEmailShop

TheEmailShop provides robust and high-quality dedicated servers at affordable rates to help you streamline your business processes and stand as an authority in your industry. Get in touch with them today to enjoy top-tier server hosting that accelerates your growth and profit. 

All five security plans come with a 50% discount. Starter Lite, the cheapest package, provides XEON E3 Family Processor, 500 GB HDD SSD Storage

8 GB RAM, Unmetered Bandwidth, and 100% Infrastructure Uptime for 

£ 30.97/Month

Upgrade to the ultimate package, and get 2 TB HDD Storage + 1 TB SSD,

64 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and 100% Infrastructure Uptime

TheEmailShop serves you through UK-based data centres. Moreover, the robust automation backup solutions make your critical data like web content, email messages, and databases completely secure. Creating restore points, backup encryptions, and encrypted links is almost effortless. 

TheEmailShop also provides a variety of managed server support facilities. In addition, our teams strive to provide you with the best dedicated server hosting with excellent security and comprehensive control.

High availability cluster, 24*7 technical support, and server monitoring are the salient features of all of the plans. 


  • Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting offers you reliable hosting solutions to manage your online stores and websites. Engineers have optimized the dedicated servers properly for hourly backups. Their best efforts reflect in the high-performance applications and secure systems of Grid Hosting.

The reason behind a secure and stable hosting environment and uptime as impressive as 99.9% is the usage of cutting-edge hardware. So your website is never down or even slow. The free trial of 45 days is one of the best pros.

Certified services set Grid Hosting as an authority in their subject. This is because they are the certified data centre in the UK and do not compromise durability and flexibility. Furthermore, the certified solutions follow transparent policies, which is the reason behind the generous money-back guarantees we just talked about. 

Enjoy total control over the configuration of the server. Customize in a way that aids you in achieving your business aims and goals. Thanks to your hosting package, you can take many actions automatically.

Grid Hosting  security algorithms give you the guarantee that your precious data will be secure. Your sensitive information, such as online content, emails, and databases, will always remain safe.

Grid Hosting sets you free from the pain of page loading speeds and expensive downtime. Grid Hosting’s dedicated hosting servers are optimised for high-speed networks, ensuring that they can handle all incoming traffic with no downtime.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting uk

Yes, Grid Hosting allows you to start your gaming server with your Minecraft community in a short time, at budget-friendly rates. It also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience with your Minecraft tribe. In addition, live chat support is available all the time. 

Since they provide full FTP access, you can easily manage your plugins and server files. Moreover, a fast and easy-to-use cPanel makes every management aspect super easy. Enjoy the best Minecraft dedicated server hosting UK  at budget-friendly prices

 The Final Verdict

In short, dedicated server hosting can make your life easy while providing a great earning opportunity. It is a simple three-step procedure. First, make up your mind about what kind of dedicated server you want. Decide which partner you prefer and grab your server today. The basic knowledge required for all these steps is covered in the article.   


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