What is SharePoint Governance Plan? How to create that?

The SharePoint platform has introduced various features and functions to improve the performance of your business. Multiple factors must be managed to ensure smooth deliveries when you begin a project. 

A SharePoint Governance Plan reduces your burden and ensures success if used efficiently. We will share with you the insiders of creating a governance plan. 

What is a SharePoint Governance Plan?

It is a set of rules, processes, responsibilities, and policies that helps businesses to drive in a particular direction. SharePoint helps to collaborate to meet business objectives with minimal risks. A correct implementation helps to understand your business’s proper capabilities and usage. 

The SharePoint Governance Plan provides you with written documentation for sharing and reference. Build a flexible plan that encourages creativity and innovations in the business. It must be accessible by the users and encourage discussions for continuous improvements.

The main components of governance are:

  • Governance Plan: It is a formal document that provides guidelines for the SharePoint environment’s processes, regulations, and rules. 
  • Governance Committee: It is a group of users that meets regularly to set, discuss, or modify the Government policies, issues, user feedback, updates, and improvements in the document. 
  • User Communication: The plan helps create documents that help communicate with users regularly. There are multiple methods to improve your company culture. 

What is the must-have in the SharePoint Governance plan?

Every firm is unique and needs a different style of document template. You need to address the vital components like:

1. Website owner authority 

Being a website owner means you need to build websites and ensure that the data is safe on your platform. You must set some guidelines that define the permissions of website owners. Like you can define, they can build websites and modify the platform’s look and feel. 

2. Website Hierarchy 

While building sub-websites, it is important to know where to create websites. The best practice is to have a website hierarchy model that must be followed. Once you have a fixed model, it must be consistent across the organization. 

3. Permissions and Security 

It is crucial to have some common standards of security and permissions in your organization for the SharePoint online governance. You should maintain an active directory group that everyone should follow in the firm instead of creating custom security groups. You must decide to provide the right permissions to the users and not misuse the power.

4. Navigation Convention 

This is another section that must be standardized. The chances are that you use the SharePoint platform globally and locally for the users. To make it uniform across all subsites, you need to have a document and guidelines in the SharePoint online governance plan

5. Sharing Guidelines 

The best practice is to have a separate website collection specifically for external sharing. When a user creates a website, you should be aware of the actions and external sharing of the document. They should follow the right procedure to share or modify the documents. 

6. Custom code and Third-Party Tools 

SharePoint Online gives you the ease of access to third-party tools. You should maintain some policies and rules for using third-party tools or custom coding. Every decision must be documented in the SharePoint Governance plan and shared with the website owners to ensure everything is on track.

7. Branding Rules 

You must set the convention for designing the theme, background colours, logo, and more for your organization’s branding. This ensures that there is consistency in every section.

8. Escalation Map

Define clear responsibilities, roles, and authority to avoid misunderstanding or complexities in the process. This helps to escalate the SharePoint process and requests. 

A few tips for a perfect SharePoint Governance Plan: 

Maintain proper mixture of users 

The committee fails miserably when you do not define the job roles perfectly. It would help if you got your hands on the users to maintain a stable workflow in the organization. 

Meet Consistently 

Even when everything is fine, ensure that you stay connected regularly. This helps to handle issue, queries, and questions of the users. The SharePoint online platform helps understand user adoption and training in every department. You can use the SharePoint calendars to record important events and get reminders on time. 

Knowledge of everything

As people come and go, it is crucial to maintain culture and knowledge inside the organization. Make sure that people know the ins and outs of SharePoint online. They should follow the best standards and practices to increase their performance. 

Gather reviews 

The users should communicate at regular intervals. They should give regular reviews to ensure a smooth understanding of the process in the firm. It also gives you a scope of improvement and provides better facilities. 

What are the best practices to handle SharePoint Governance Plan?

  • Vision: Learn the policies and standards that you need to monitor and assess to gain benefits in the business. 
  • Business Information: Create a custom taxonomy to keep your information structure. Then design the architecture to manage the information and determine the services accordingly. 
  • Build Strategy: Develop a training plan to keep your staff updated about the importance and usage of Microsoft SharePoint governance standards and practices you need to implement. 
  • Develop Running Plan: The organization benefits from the usefulness and capabilities of various SharePoint solutions. It is important to periodically revise, evaluate, and review your governance plan to avoid conflicts. 

The Final Note!

The SharePoint Governance Plan is a crucial section of the operation that helps provide the structure of the environment. The people, policies, technology, and processes to improve efficiency and ensure the business’s success. The work practices and environments using SharePoint online helps to make it more scalable and environment. 


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