Data analytics: Your first step to a bright future

Saras Analytics goods and solutions have been designed to be simple to subscribe to and use.Their products and services are available to you as subscriptions or as one-time services.

They also recognise that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.Their products and solutions are backed by a skilled team of data analysts, data scientists, and customer success representatives who can be contacted on demand.

Saras mission is to encourage small and medium enterprises to make data-driven decisions, and every step they take is oriented toward providing the finest quality products and services at the most inexpensive costs.

True to Their name, they set high goals for ourselves and work together to attain them. They collaborate across boundaries and are nimble and adaptable inTheir pursuit ofTheir main aim, which is to helpTheir clients succeed.

  • Offshore: Experienced resources at a fraction of the price you’d spend in-house.
  • On-Site: Depending on the engagement, on-site and same-time-zone resources are available.
  • Blended: For the greatest results on projects involving numerous resources, they recommend using blended resources.

Get in touch with the team and enjoy giving all your data analytics problems a goodbye. The team of Saras can help you with the best solutions. 

Data Warehousing and Consolidation

A data warehouse is the most effective approach for a corporation to expand its reporting and analytics capabilities. When implemented effectively, a well-architected centralised data store can minimise many redundancies and set up a business for success. Today, there are numerous options for data warehouses and how they are deployed. They can assist you whether you already have a data warehouse and are looking to expand it or create a new one.

  • Are you unsure which data warehouse is best for you?
  • Are you perplexed by these data warehouse services’ pricing?
  • Unsure of the best method for populating the data warehouse with data?

Increase revenue by a small amount.

Increase revenue while spending the same amount of money on marketing.

Make a fantastic customer experience

Create a memorable user experience for your customers based on data and analysis.

Customer Drop-Offs Are Arrested

Recognize where your website is losing users and take steps to get them to go on to the next phase in the process.

Before you commit, test it out.

Reduce the risk of income loss by testing new features and designs on a small group of users before rolling them out to the complete user base.

Experimentation Culture

It is a proven truth that when organisations make product decisions based on data and experimentation, they generate better results. Don’t let yourself down.

For recording user behaviour data on a web application, Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools on the market. Unfortunately, for such a widely used product, it’s shocking that 9 out of 10 implementations have severe defects. These gaps could mean that decisions are being made based on data that is partial, erroneous, or inconsistent in a digital business.

They address the data errors, put up the proper tagging, and guarantee that the data quality is accurate before rolling out the modifications to your production application after They audit your systems.

You are not alone if you have ever questioned the accuracy of your GA data. Get your Google Analytics audited today by contacting us.

Alerts and automated testing

Data trust is essential for any tagging, analysis, data warehousing, or reporting project to succeed. Manual testing, on the other hand, is a laborious process for establishing and maintaining confidence.

They utilise a software engineering approach to testing, utilising tools and techniques used to ensure product quality and extending those techniques to testing for data quality after tagging and building out a data collection for reporting or analysis.

When tests are automated, they run more regularly on a schedule than when they are done manually. Relevant teams are then notified of the problem as soon as it occurs, allowing them to take corrective action before the problem has a much larger downstream impact.

How frequently have you noticed a huge increase in your traffic but were only made aware of it after a few days? If you’re in charge of numerous sites, how do you keep track of this activity? Anomaly alerts were set up so that you would be notified if there was any unexpected behaviour on the site.

QC for reports and dashboards

  • Do your existing reports and dashboards have data quality issues?
  • Are you unable to pinpoint the source of your problems?
  • Are you pressed for time to troubleshoot these issues on your own?
  • Do you have any doubts about the data pipeline’s accuracy?

Contact if you like to have someone else do the root cause analysis and solutions while you concentrate on other critical issues or key areas of your business, such as creating insights?

Session recording, heatmaps, and scroll tracking are all available.

After a thorough examination of numerous user journeys gathered in tools like Hotjar, They identify drop-off spots by analysing user behaviour. For this, They make heavy use of video recordings, heatmaps, and user scroll behaviour. This study aids us in determining the causes of probable drop-offs and enables us to improve the user experience.

Customer polls

They design and conduct surveys to learn why people choose your products or services. They set up exit surveys on key drop-off locations across the website to figure out why people leave while ensuring that the user experience isn’t harmed.

Designing Experiments

They collaborate closely with your in-house design team or design agency, providing them with information about the user path, user drop-off spots, conversion performance, and more. This stage ensures that the brand is consistent throughout all of the site’s components. They then performTheir experiments using the new designs provided by the team.

A/B Testing

A/B tests were set up to evaluate the performance of the newly designed screens to that of the existing displays. They use popular tools like Google Optimize, VWO, and Optimizely to test the designs on a small group of users before rolling out successful tests to everyone.

Wrap up

Get in touch with the team of Saras Analytics and get your issues and doubts of data predictions cleared in the right manner from the experienced experts


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