How Is 8 Ball Pool A Combination Of Skills And Earning Opportunities?

Ever since the launch of 8 ball pool on mobile, it has been a consistent performer on the top-grossing charts. The game has closed the age gap, and the simple controls make it easier for everyone to enjoy a pool game when relaxing on their couch. Although there are several other games available online, 8 ball pool continues to be a dominant force in sports arcade games. 

The pandemic pushed the popularity of online 8 ball pool games because people missed going to their favorite hangouts and enjoying a game of billiards or pool with their friends. So, people began to play 8 ball pool online to make up for that void in their life but fell in love with the convenience and accessibility. So, while lounges or clubs with pool tables have opened their doors, people continue to stay home and play pool on their smartphones. 

Now that you know, you can easily download the pool game on your phone and stay occupied for hours, read along to understand how the game combines skills and earning opportunities. 

Playing Online 8 Ball Pool: The Basics

The game’s objective is to put all the designated balls in the pockets, including the 8 balls. Therefore, players need to use their skills to aim and pocket the balls properly. There are free practice leagues for players willing to learn and sharpen their skills. Once you have gained the confidence and played enough practice games, you can participate in tournaments and enjoy multiplayer battles with real-life players. 

Typically, practice games are one-on-one battles, but they are pretty intense and competitive. 

If you have played a traditional 8 ball pool game, learning the rules and getting the hang of the game won’t take much time. You need to download the app on your mobile device and enter a game. You or your opponent will have to place the cue ball on the virtual pool table. Then, you need to drag the virtual cue stick in a circular motion and aim at the ball. If required, you can use the strike point option to spin the cue ball. Once you are satisfied with your aim, you need to pull down the cue stick and release it to take the shot. 

Sounds simple, right? But there are a few penalties and fouls in the game. If you commit a foul, you will lose points. Therefore, you must be careful not to commit them. A foul typically occurs when:

  • You have mistakenly hit your opponent’s ball or pocketed your opponent’s ball.
  • You have accidentally pocketed the cue ball.
  • You have hit the ball, but it didn’t touch the pool table rail. 
  • You have hit the cue ball, but it missed touching the desired ball.

You will lose points and give your opponent an undue advantage by committing a foul. 

Therefore, you must sharpen your pool playing skills by playing sufficient practice games for free. These games will teach you the art of aiming, control, and cue ball spinning. In addition, it will teach you how much force is required to hit specific balls on the cue table. You can implement all of these learnings when you are playing multiplayer tournaments. 

Moreover, you need to master a few pool shots. For instance, you need to practice and become an expert on breaking balls. It is the first shot on the pool table, and it can make or break your game. The goal is to spread the balls across the virtual pool table while potting one of them. If you pot a stripe, you must pot only stripes throughout the game. If you pot a solid, you have to pot only solids throughout the game. If you fail to pot a ball when you break, you give your opponent the chance to take over the game. 

How To Earn Money Playing 8 Ball Pool Online?

8 ball pool online games offer ample opportunities to help you earn extra money on the side while enjoying yourself. Typically, these online games have multiplayer tournaments and cash battles. You need to participate in these contests or tournaments. The objective is to climb the leaderboard and beat all the other real-life opponents playing the match. 

If you can score the highest, you will be declared a winner and win big cash rewards and prizes. 

But before you can partake in tournaments, you need to make sure to comprehend the game’s rules. It would be best to play as many practice games as possible to sharpen your aiming and shooting skills. Also, it would be best if you learned how to prevent making fouls and losing points. Once you have mastered the game, there’s no stopping you from earning money. 

Summing Up

So, have you been missing your weekly or regular pool playing activity with friends? You don’t need to step out of your house to play pool anymore because you can download the game on your smartphone. While enjoying pocketing solids or stripes, you get the chance to participate in tournaments and earn money. 

Moreover, if you play many online pool games, you will also learn about the pool shots that you must master. Even though virtual, you will have an idea of how the shots are implemented, which can help when playing traditional pool. 

Download the game and start flexing your pool playing skills right away. 


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