Why are Big Film Stars Moving Towards OTT Releases These Days?

OTT platforms have become extremely popular not just among the audience, but also among film stars. Since the onset of the pandemic, OTT platforms like Disney plus, Netflix, and others are taking over theatre releases.

If you follow Hollywood news, you will know more stars are moving towards OTT platforms. Suddenly, there’s a huge shift in the entertainment industry and there are obvious reasons behind it.

If you are wondering why more stars are signing OTT contracts, you will find your answer in the post below. Let’s find out what’s going on in the entertainment industry.

OTT Platforms Vs Big Screens

In the last few years, OTT platforms have taken over the film and TV industries. More people are leaving their TV subscriptions to subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus com login begin, and others.

It’s not just the audience, but even big stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Will Smith, and Sandra Bullock also want to feature in OTT releases.

But what’s the reason behind this sudden change? Why has everyone turned their attention to OTT services?

  • Content is king

The audience wants both quantity and quality when it comes to content. Compared to film studios, OTT platforms release more content. For example, Netflix releases around 90 original movies every year. This allows subscribers to watch over 200 hours of movies from the comfort of their homes. Instead of spending on each movie ticket, they can just get a monthly OTT subscription and watch all the movies they want. 

This is one of the many reasons why even stars are shifting their attention to OTT platforms. The audience wants to watch big stars on OTT platforms, and that’s exactly why they want to sign up contracts with big OTT services.

  • Big, fat payment

OTT platforms like Disney Plus and Netflix are confident about their content. They know their content is good and therefore, more people will subscribe to them. As a result, they aren’t afraid of investing in big projects and signing up big names.

Compared to studios, OTT platforms pay more to their actors. This is automatically attracting more film stars to OTT platforms. Stars like Ryan Reynolds are getting paid $27 million to star in Six Underground. Another example is Denzel Washington who charged $30 million to work on a project, which he ended up skipping later.

  • No monopoly

The film industry is monopolised. These are not our words, but this is what some stars believe. OTT platforms have brought a new reform in the film industry. It is giving a chance to new actors to showcase their acting skills.

Many stars like Priyanka Chopra made their debut in Hollywood with OTT platforms. Not just that, but also gives a chance to new filmmakers to share great stories with the world.

OTT services are changing the way the entertainment industry has been functioning for all these years. It is breaking the monopoly and giving a chance to new talents. It also focuses more on quality content.

If you are planning to subscribe to an OTT service, you can opt for Disney Plus. You can open Disney plus account on TV through the tips mentioned on, and enjoy streaming movies on a bigger screen. Other than Disney Plus, you also have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Videos. These services are not only affordable, but they also offer great content to watch.

It’s the accumulation of these reasons that have convinced the film stars to leave studios and appear in OTT releases. There’s no doubt that OTT services are the future of the entertainment industry. It will gradually shape the way we watch movies and the change has already started.

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