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7 Stellar Rings You Didn’t Knew Existed

Be it a wedding or party, office or a casual hangout- ever noticed how a ring has always been a part of all these events? The truth is no ensemble or look is complete without donning a spectacular ring. You can be a minimalist or an all-out fashionista- but you will need a ring to amplify your personality. Rings made of gold, silver, platinum, plastic, glass, and other materials are increasingly common, but what makes them stand out is their design and aesthetics. For example, white gold finger rings and colorful motif rings will always stand out from the regular gold rings. 

The accessory market currently offers a wide array of rings, many of which might be new to you. If you’re tired of the traditional ring designs and want to sport rings that make you stand out, we have something special for you. We have listed down seven unique rings that are stunningly beautiful but less common in day-to-day settings. So let’s head to the list shared below.

  • Flat Top Rings

As the name suggests, a flat top ring has a flat surface that gives this ring an edgy look over other rings. You can wear a flat top ring as a standalone ring or use it with stacking rings to add a dramatic look. If you like the concept of a flat top ring but want specific customizations, you can get your favorite gemstone placed securely on the flat top for a unique look.

  • Channel-Set Rainbow Rings

If you haven’t heard of these rings before, these are the rings wherein stones in a rainbow shade are set in a row, without any brackets in between. The stones are generally cut in baguette shapes to form a nice bar across the ring top, but you can indeed find more stone cuts for the much-needed variety. These rings are really cool to wear at parties and can also be worn at special events.

  • Wrap-Around Rings

One of its kind, a wrap-around ring spirals around your finger like a snake. The traditional design of a wrap-around ring is plain gold, silver, or platinum metal carved in a spiral shape, but you can find rare options wherein certain small gemstones are etched on the metal. The simple version of these rings is ideal for everyday wear and can be easily paired with your formal outfits.

  • Pearl Chain Rings

You must have heard of pearl rings or chain rings, but have you seen pearl chain rings? These rings give the appearance of little pearl necklaces that were designed for your fingers. A pearl chain ring exudes a fresh look, and looks incredibly well when paired with a utilitarian button-down. You can also pair it with your other accessories and formal wear also for a chic look.

  • Art-Deco Cocktail Rings

There are various types of cocktail rings, but an art-deco one outshines others. These rings generally have an enticing geometric pattern and feature precious gemstones like blue sapphire, white diamond, red ruby, green emerald, etc. As you would have clearly guessed by now, these rings fall on the high-end side due to the use of expensive gemstones, but the cost is well worth it.

  • Crown Shape Rings

Enough of wearing crowns on the head; now try them on your beautiful fingers. Unconventional ring shapes have often been popular, but have you ever seen someone wearing a crown-shaped ring? Chances are bleak because these rings are very rare yet stunningly beautiful. If you always like to stand out from the crowd, you should get yourself a ring featuring a crown shape and encrusted small diamonds.

  • Thin Chain Rings

Last on our list are thin chain rings. These are really small rings made up of delicate chains. The best part of these rings is no one can make out the rings are made using a chain until one checks the ring closely. Thin chain rings are ideal for minimalists who want to wear rings that aren’t too over the top. 

Now that we’ve shared some unique yet chic rings with you, make sure to get them at the earliest to amp up your style game.






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