Beautiful Book Storage Ideas for All Bibliophiles

It’s not simple to find enough space for all of your possessions, especially if you’re a bookworm. If you’re a voracious reader, you’re likely to have a sizable library of books that you’re unwilling to part with. However, with the right book storage solution, you can easily expand your little library.

While you may be focusing on design when it comes to booking storage and organising, you may be overlooking the best way to protect and care for your collection. Let’s check out some amazing book storage ideas to help you with caring and loving for your precious books.

Colour coded book wall

Store your books according to their colours. Stack them up on the shelf neatly. You can also arrange them according to sizes. This way your subtle wall will also glow with the beauty of the books. Here’s a statement wall idea to grab some eyeballs.

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Stack your books without a shelf

That’s right, fellas! You don’t always have to get a bookshelf to store your books. You can simply opt for stacking them up smartly. It is artsy, edgy, and very low on budget. You may invest in a rug and cushions to keep around your books. Make a neat reading nook that you can always escape easily.

Glass display case

The glass bookcase blends in with the rest of the room, giving the impression that it is a permanent fixture rather than an afterthought. Furthermore, the glass shields the books from dust and filth. Consider converting an IKEA closet into a book display—it’s a simple way to get the classy look.

Repurpose your ladder

If you have got a ladder lying around without any use, you can make a quirky bookshelf out of it. Make sure that the rungs are not too flimsy or thin. You can get a ladder for this purpose as well.  A creative way to store your books and it also saves you a lot of space. 

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Utilize your hallway rather than the bedroom

When it comes to corridors, we rarely look beyond shoe storage, yet book storage options like these may enhance this usually impersonal location. Even better, they will make your hallway appear to be an extension of your living area, freeing up space in other rooms. To transform the space from functional to decorative, pair it with a painting or print on the opposite wall.

Cube storage

The most adaptable of all book storage choices are cube shelving. Cube storage is ideal for categorising books of various sizes and is easy to customise according to your needs. You can also use it to store other decor items. Put your wall paintings and plants on top for an edgy contemporary look.

Paint your bookshelf bold

If your bookshelf is fitted into the wall, it’s a great idea to paint it with a striking colour. Use charcoal grey for an elegant, classy look. Or you can also go for something quirky like teal blue or magenta. Deeper colours can be better to paint your shelves.

Try these ideas today and show some love to your books!


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