Researching Many Types of Trailers and Examining Several Types of Trucks

When you’re searching for trailers, you can examine flatbed trailers, enclosed trailers, refrigerated trailers, and custom trucks. You can also rent extendable trailers, and typically, these trailers could allow you to transport a large amount of cargo. Before you rent a truck, you need to evaluate the length of each trailer, the suspension system, and the durable tires.

Selecting a Flatbed Trailer

Before you choose a flatbed trailer, you should examine the width of the trailer, the wheels, and the materials. The trailer features an open design, and consequently, you could easily load the trailer. According to many surveys, more than 80% of truckers prefer flatbed trailers, and most truckers frequently choose flatbed trailers that have a premium suspension system, new wheels, and an extendable platform.

Choosing a Dry Van Trailer

If you would like to transport heavy cargo, you can select a dry van trailer, and while a truck is towing the trailer, the enclosed trailer can protect the freight, improve handling and reduce vibrations. Typically, these trailers are made of aluminum, yet the products may also contain iron, hardwood, and steel. The materials can reduce the weight of the trailer, increase the durability of the trailer and prevent corrosion.

Examining a Refrigerated Trailer

Many companies frequently transport foods that require refrigeration, and these businesses can utilize a climate-controlled trailer that could easily transport the products. These trailers feature a refrigeration system that will consistently regulate the temperature within the trailer. The trucker may monitor the temperature, adjust the settings of the system and evaluate the efficiency of the system. If the temperature increases, the refrigeration system can automatically alert the driver, and subsequently, the trucker could inspect the refrigeration system, the trailer, and the refrigerated foods.

Utilizing an Extendable Trailer

Usually, these trailers are made of steel, and the steel can significantly increase the durability of the trailer. The products may also have some components that contain aluminum. Typically, the aluminum can substantially reduce the weight of the trailer, yet the trailer could easily transport heavy cargo, delicate cargo, and industrial freight. 

The trailer features an extendable deck that can substantially increase the length of the platform. Sometimes, the trailer’s length may exceed 62 feet, and the trailer could transport cargo that has a weight of 42,000 pounds. Once you contact a well-known business, the representatives can describe the features of the trailers, the extendable platform, and the weight capacity of the trailer.

Receiving a Free Estimate

If you would like to learn more information about flatbed rentals, you should contact Hale Trailer, and the well-known business provides extendable trailers, flatbed trailers, and enclosed trailers. After you contact the company, the helpful representatives can provide a free consultation, indicate the overall length of each trailer, describe the suspension system, and answer your questions. The experts may also recommend an extendable trailer that can easily transport a large amount of cargo, and the specialists could offer a free estimate.


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