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Cheap and efficient Brighton storage services in the UK

The UK has one of the largest self-storage industries in the world, with continuously rising demand. The self-storage market in the UK is progressing at a rapid speed, and rightfully so. People in the UK rely on self-storage units for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons people opt to rent a storage unit is to combat the shortage of space. 

According to the previous study, Brighton is a large city with a population estimated around 290,885. The city has a rich cultural and historical background, which is why it is also a big tourist attraction. Hundreds of people visit Brighton to explore the city and experience its diversity every year. This is also one reason for the increasing demand for good Brighton storage companies. 

The self-storage industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Storage facilities are now purpose-built with state-of-the-art features and amenities. Storage units are constructed with special features such as climate control, biometric passwords, and high-level security. Are you looking for a storage unit in Brighton but don’t know where to start? 

Finding a cheap and efficient storage facility is the same as hitting the jackpot. Keep on reading below to know what features you should look for on your quest for a perfect storage unit. 

The Price 

Price is one of the main deciding factors for many people. People look for cheap and affordable options, especially when they want to store long-term. When choosing a storage unit for your belongings, you should never compromise on the quality of service. A dark, dirty, and shabby storage unit will do more harm to your belongings instead of protecting everything. 

Price usually depends on the location of the storage facility, and prices tend to get higher if the storage facility is near a residential area. If you are comfortable traveling every time you want to access your storage unit, you can snag a pretty cheap deal for Brighton storage. 


The efficiency of any storage company depends on its level of professionalism and services. If you have decided to rent a storage unit, it’s understood that you want to store stuff that holds importance for you. 

You should opt for a storage unit that is accommodating when it comes to the safety of your stuff. You have to make sure your chosen storage facility is following safety guidelines implemented by the government. 

You should also ask whether they offer storage unit insurance to cover the cost of your belongings if anything gets damaged. A good storage company consists of both, good value for money and exceptional storage service. You cannot compromise on either, as both these qualities are mandatory when it comes to perfect storage. 

Some recommended Brighton storage services

After extensive research based on reviews and personal experiences, our team has hand-picked some amazing storage recommendations for residents of Brighton. Once you are clear about why you need storage and what kind of stuff you need to store, choosing a storage unit will become fairly easy. 

Leather Barrows

Leather Barrows is a storage company that provides services all over the UK. No matter where you live or what kind of storage you require, Leather Barrows will take care of your storage needs. They have flexible storage options for people looking for long and short-term storage. The best thing is they claim to have the cheapest storage prices. 

You will get exceptional customer service once you rent a storage unit at Leather Barrows. They hear you out with patience and accommodate you with everything you need. They offer storage units sizes starting from 50 sq ft and go all the way up to 500sqft. Most of the storage locations are open 24 hours, so you get easy access anytime you want. 


STORED is a well-established storage business with prices so low you are bound to get amazed. It offers an all-inclusive storage service, which means they collect, store and return your belongings themselves. This service is highly recommended for people who are short on time and want to get stuff stored urgently. 

STORED guarantees low prices. They also offer exclusive promotional discounts from time to time. STORED offers cost-effective personal storage, business storage, and student storage packages, and you can also customize your storage plan according to your needs. STORED ensures all your belongings are kept safe in climate-controlled, clean, and hygienic storage units. 

Easy Storage

Easy storage made the process of getting a storage unit simple for everyone. They have a complete digitized system which means you can book your storage unit right from the comfort of your home. Easy Storage offers affordable, flexible, and reliable storage services, at extremely low prices. 

Storage Brighton is made easy with Easy Storage, they go the extra mile to give you a hassle-free storage experience. They also offer pick-up and removal services, which means you don’t have to do any work! Another great thing about Easy Storage is that they regularly offer discounts, making their already affordable storage prices super cheap. 

Big Yellow Self-Storage

Big yellow is almost a household name in the UK, as it is one of the pioneers of the storage industry in the UK. There are around 104 storage locations of Big Yellow scattered all over the UK. You can get your storage Brighton unit from Big Yellow at an affordable price. They claim to have the highest security protocols implemented in all their storage locations. 

Big Yellow self-storage units are damp and moisture free, which means whatever you store with them, it will remain safe and secure. They have some amazing promotional offers all year round, and you get a 50% discount if you refer Big Yellow to your friends and family. 

If you plan to rent their storage unit for the long term and pay all the rent upfront, you become eligible for a 5% discount, which again is a great bargain. 


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