Education Marketing: Benefits and trends

Education marketing promotes educational content and makes it attainable to various institutions. Some of the content includes software applications, how-to videos, courses, etc. So, essentially, you can gain information about a specific product, topic or industry. This education marketing strategy stimulates curiosity and has worked for decades. Hence, many companies are utilising its benefits. So, if you want to learn education marketing, you can search for agencies such as N.Roll Education Marketing & Media Agency. But is education marketing beneficial? Are there are any particular trends? You can read on and learn about both the benefits and trends. 

What are the benefits of education marketing?

Institutions, education sectors and educators use education marketing. It is rising in popularity, and you can invest in it with ease. So, what are the advantages? Here are a few of them. 

  1. It helps generate organic traffic: Organic traffic means visitors land on your web page or website from unpaid sources in web search engines. It is free traffic. A report states that 70 per cent of the people would rather learn about the organisation through articles than a paid advertisement. Hence, blogging and providing informational content can help you drive organic traffic to your webpage or website. As a result, you will attain subscriptions and gain more leads, which in turn, will create a positive impact on your sales. 
  2. It is cost-effective: According to the Content Marketing Institute, educational-based marketing costs 62 per cent less when compared to traditional marketing. Additionally, it resonates better with customers. It can be produced with ease, and marketers don’t have to spend much on advertising. You can pick a domain and a hosting service to create a website. What’s more, you can even add more content to the web pages. 
  3. It helps build trust: As per DemandMetric research, 78 per cent of people use custom content to perceive a relationship between the company and themselves. With the help of educational-based marketing, you can nurture and foster your relationship with your customers or target audience. All you have to do is communicate your knowledge with them. Moreover, you don’t have to pitch them or introduce them to the field on the spot. 

What are the trends of education marketing in 2022?

Your marketing methods must stand out. After all, trends keep changing each year, and you must learn to keep up with them. So, to know the educational-based marketing trends, read the article further. 

  1. Conversational marketing: Conversational marketing is set to continue in 2022. Nowadays, consumers prefer interactivity and good services rather than emails or picking up phones. So, if your potential students expect such kinds of services, you must provide value by connecting with them and conveying information. You can do that with the help of the human voice to make your conversations better. In educational-based marketing, the opportunity to chat will stand out and be essential. 
  2. Short-form videos: It is critical to stay up-to-date with newer trends. A fantastic education marketing strategy can incorporate a short-form video of about 90 seconds. You can get your potential students involved, and they can share the video with their friends. You can develop many ideas to enrich your videos with content and quality. Since many students have a social media account, you can engage with them immensely and effortlessly. 
  3. Personalisation and collaboration: You can personalise the content to improve the conversion of enrollment and application. Additionally, you can collaborate with students and tell a riveting story. 

Conclusion: If you want students of all ages to engage, connect and enjoy your services, you will require an education marketing strategy. You can look for companies such as N.Roll Education Marketing & Media Agency to assist you. Educational-based marketing is an effective approach to personal education, and it can also benefit many organisations and institutes. 


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