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Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life

Brent Faiz was a college dropout and a vagabond who lived a nomadic life. Once he knew he wanted to be a writer, Faiz wrote a tremendous amount of material. But he didn’t have time to finish his college degree and his life took a turn for the worse when he moved to New York City. There, Faiz discovered a new love, literature, and a new life. After spending a year and a half in New York City, Faiz wrote his most recent book, titled “Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life.” Faiz gave the manuscript to the New York City Public Library. Within a few weeks, the New York City Public Library had purchased the book and put it in the hands of a publisher. Faiz let the publisher know that he wasn’t going to send the book to him, but that he was interested in publishing it. The publisher agreed and put Faiz’s book in production, and it is now available to the public.

A Biography

Brent Faiz was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 3, 1926. His parents, Miriam (née Fisher) and William Jennings Faiz, were from Irish and Scottish families. When Faiz was two months old, his family came to New York City to live with his maternal grandparents. While in New York City, he became a member of the drama club and sang in the local neighborhood theater. When he was seven, his family moved to North Dakota, where he lived with his paternal grandparents until he was about ten years old.

While in high school, Faiz was a member of the Choir of St. Michael the Archangel and a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

As a student at Colgate University in Albany, New York, he was a member of Phi Alpha Theta fraternity, where he surmounted challenges and won lots of medals. In addition to being a member of the Sigma Chi social fraternity, he was also a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Gamma, and Gamma Iota. During his time at Colgate, he was also a member of the student government. After graduation, he worked as a research assistant for the American Foundation for the Advancement of Science in New York City, which later became the National Endowment for the Arts. During this time, he also helped found several conservation organizations and served as a volunteer assistant at the American Library Association.

Brent Faiz: A Writer and a Believer

Brent Faiz was never a rich kid, and his family never owned any fancy houses or expensive cars. But he was always good enough to make an impact and write for a living. In addition to his work as a social and creative writer, Faiz also taught creative writing classes at the University at Albany. In one of these classes, he taught a course on his new novel, “Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life.” In his introduction to the book, Faiz said that he found inspiration for the book in the people he knew: “People are the most important books in my life. If you look at me or anyone I know through social media, friends, etc., you will see a picture of depression, or you will see a picture of high school, or you will see a picture of a lonely old man.”

Brent Faiz: An Inspiration for a New Generation

Brent Faiz was a mentor to his students, helping them achieve their full potential. In addition to helping teach creative writing and helping students achieve great success in their fields, he also saw a calling in helping young people achieve success in business. In his opinion, the key to success was a sense of authentic self-confidence. The world would do well to witness more of this among its people, he said, “We need to show the world that we are us, and not the other way around.”

Despite his success in the publishing industry, Faiz turned down a job offer from an IT company because he was afraid to work there. Instead, he turned to his savings and became a successful author. In addition to his best-selling novel, “Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life,” Faiz also wrote about his experiences as a hitchhiker, his time as a homeless man, and the history of the Vietnam War.

Brent Faiz and the Internet

During his high school years, Faiz also encountered the internet when he was a member of the Choir of St. Michael the Archangel. While on a trip to Iceland with his friends, they discovered that there was a popular search engine called “Brent Faiz.” Faiz sent some of his friends a postcard with the information that he had begun to write, along with this famous line: “Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life.”

This was his first and only internet exposure, and it sparked a major response. Within a few months, the book was available to read on the internet, and it quickly became a best-selling book.

Brent Faiz’s Art of Persuasion

Brent Faiz’s art of persuasion won him a number of artistic awards, including the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Best Short Fiction for his book “The Best and the Rest.” In the introduction to this collection of stories, Faiz said that he had always been interested in how we make decisions and decide how to live our lives. “I wondered how we decide what decisions we’ll make, and what decisions we won’t make,” he said. “And so with this collection of stories, I’ve tried to give some advice to people.”


Brent Faiz had a great deal of success in his day, but he wasn’t always successful as an author. During his teens and twenties, he experimented with every kind of music, painting and lyric writing he could find. While still in high school, he also wrote a couple of songs and sent them to radio stations as demos.

Although his publishing career never recovered from his failed attempt at a romance and life as a vagabond, his message of personal transformation is still relevant today. “The world can be a very lonely place, and when you look back on what you’ve achieved, it’s really inspiring and really motivating,” he said in his introduction to “Brent Faiz: A Biography and Personal Life.”

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