Gas Heater Repair Before Winter

Check for Gas Leaks Before it Gets Cold

During winter the heater in any home or business will be working around the clock, and it is best to ensure that it is in the best repair possible before the season begins. There are many advantages to servicing your heater before winter, including faster appointment availability, avoiding costly breakdowns during cold nights, preventing emergency service calls, and providing confidence and peace of mind as the weather cools. 

When a gas leak occurs, it becomes necessary to shut off the supply for servicing, leaving the space with no heat until it is repaired and can be turned back on. Most gas heater servicing services include checking the lines around the heater and the home itself and ensuring that there are no gas leaks present. As gas leaks create a risk of fire, can make people sick, and are dangerous for any pets. 

If a leak is found, it will be marked to be repaired, as the full inspection is completed before repairs begin. In order to check for leaks, the gas must be on, and once each leak has been marked, it can be turned off in order to complete repairs and service both the heater itself and any leaks that were located. 

By conducting an inspection for gas leaks before the weather turns cold, breakdowns can be prevented. It can help to ensure your home or business is heated throughout the winter and that it is safe for everyone. 

A Gas Heater Service is Important

As a gas heater works throughout the cold months, it goes through a lot of use and wear in a shorter period of time. With little downtime for warmer stretches of time, it is running several times throughout the day and night. This constant use means that it will require additional maintenance and regular servicing to work at its peak efficiency. An efficient heater will save money on gas bills, break down less, and is less likely to accumulate large repair bills or need emergency repairs. 

Servicing can be done in a short amount of time and is an affordable home maintenance task. It should be included with other regular maintenance tasks that are completed in the fall. A heater is important for not only keeping the people warm, but also keeping the water pipes from freezing, which would cause a flood in the home. 

Where the water pipes are not properly insulated or kept at a safe temperature they will freeze and then burst. When the temperature warms again, the water will flood the space and damage the flooring, walls, and belongings that are in the space. 

It is important to do regular maintenance on homes and buildings, and this includes checking for gas leaks and servicing heaters. Book your heater servicing before the weather becomes cold, and the plumbers at Hero Plumbing are available in the Sydney area. Regular servicing can extend the life of your heater and keep your home safe and comfortable all year round. 


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