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Why Every Office Should Have Comfortable Furniture in the Waiting Room


While employees might have comfortable chairs, you may not yet have extended this kindness to your waiting room. In this article, you’re going to learn why comfortable furniture in the waiting room could make a difference to your business this year! 

Great First Impression 

Firstly, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. If you invite a client to your office, they form their first impression of your business long before they meet you. They will judge your business from the outside when they first walk in, talking to a receptionist (or any other employee) and then waiting for their appointment. If the waiting room is uncomfortable and unwelcoming, you will already be on the back foot before you even meet them. Let’s not forget that potential investors, suppliers, and other professionals will use this waiting room. By introducing comfortable furniture, you make people feel welcome. More importantly, you make a fantastic first impression. Although furniture doesn’t seal the deal on a big contract, it lays the early foundations for a successful interaction. 

Send a Message to Prospective Clients 

If prospective clients frequently sit in the waiting room, you want to send the right message early…and this is what comfortable furniture achieves. You tell them that you put customers first and pay attention to their experience, even while waiting for an appointment. If you can’t even provide comfortable furniture in the waiting room, clients will wonder what other corners you’re willing to cut to save money. Comfortable furniture tells prospective clients that you will look after them and go to extra lengths to provide a positive experience. 

Positive Atmosphere 

Another benefit of comfortable furniture in the waiting room is that you’re more likely to encourage a positive atmosphere all around the building. If multiple people are in the room, they’re more likely to be positive, and this will continue as they speak to company representatives. Prospective clients, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders all feel appreciated rather than as though they have been dumped somewhere so that they aren’t in the way until somebody is free to take them away. 

Professional Approach 

Next, many prospective clients and customers will be looking for reasons to doubt you; they want to spend their money wisely. Especially when already nervous about choosing your brand, the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to choose another company. With comfortable seating in the waiting room, you immediately show that the company is professional. As much as you tell people how professional your company is, it’s not going to go down too well if you make basic mistakes (like ignoring comfortable furniture in the waiting room). Good bus services don’t need to shout about how efficient they are – the proof is when the bus turns up as expected according to the schedule. Similarly, showing people your professional nature is more effective than telling them. This starts as soon as stakeholders walk through the front door. 

Choosing Office Furniture 

How do you choose furniture for the waiting room of your office? Consider a reliable provider like Hurdley’s Office Furniture and find something that matches your office in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and style. With such a great range of products, it shouldn’t be long before all those who enter your office won’t want to leave the waiting room. Start interactions with future employees, clients, suppliers, and investors on the right foot with comfortable furniture! 


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