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Modern-day Eyewear Trends That Are Super Popular


If we trace the evolution of eyewear, it can be made out that the evolution has picked up at a rapid pace over the last few years. One of the major reasons is the exponential rise in consumer demand for eyewear.

In present times, glasses are a multifunctional accessory as they perform a wide range of functions, along with helping you gain some bonus style points. 

In this writeup, we will cover some of the trends in eyewear that have picked up pace over the last few years. Read on to know more about them.

Online Glasses

Glasses are selling like hotcakes over the internet. Although digitalisation and the spread of internet connectivity globally have propelled their sales, one of the major reasons is the convenient and hassle-free experience associated with online shopping. 

There is an amazing collection of glasses over the online medium. These pairs are not only super stylish but also come at pocket-friendly prices. Also, the amazing offers that are provided frequently over here can help you make more savings.

When you go to buy glasses online, you can be assured of various other benefits. There are many customer-friendly services that come along with online glasses. You can try on online glasses from the comforts of your home by availing the home trial service. You can get your glasses delivered to your doorsteps at a super fast speed by opting for same day glasses service. 

Fake Glasses

Fake glasses are a big craze among fashion enthusiasts these days. Fake glasses are non-prescription pairs with the sole function of serving as a function accessory. 

Today, a large section of the public realise the fact that glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories. And this is exactly the reason why they prefer fake glasses for their fashion needs. 

Fake glasses come in all styles and types. From the classic aviator glasses to the retro round styles, from the contemporary clear frame glasses to the vintage tortoiseshell frames, from the savvy wayfarers to the minimalist rimless glasses, you will find all of them. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With the increasing screen time due to the dependence on digital screens for many of our daily activities, blue light blocking glasses have become very popular. These pairs are integral in ensuring our digital wellbeing.

Digital screens are one of the artificial sources of blue light. Our eyes are in close proximity to digital screens when exposed to blue light, and this is the reason why there is more stress on our eyes. 

Excessive exposure to blue light or exposure to it under dim light conditions can cause eye strain with symptoms like dry eyes, headaches and fatigue. It can also lead to the misalignment of our circadian rhythm, which is the natural sleep and wake cycle of our body.

As the name suggests, blue light blocking glasses – also known as computer glasses – block the blue light incident over their lenses and prevent it from reaching our eyes. This is made possible with the help of blue light protective coating applied over their lenses.

The sales of blue light glasses witnessed an exponential rise after the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with things like online classes and work from home becoming the new normal. Once people came to terms with their utility, these pairs are now a popular trend. 

Designer Glasses

Designer glasses are super popular and trending like never before – thanks to various celebrities who style these pairs very often in their public appearances. 

There are various reasons that make designer glasses stand apart from the rest. The design of these pairs are premium and display a high amount of creativity. When it comes to the materials used, top notch quality materials are used for both the lenses and the frames, which impart them characteristics like high strength and good impact-resistance. 

You can also be assured of an amazing fit when it comes to designer glasses. Designer glasses will rest properly on your face – the nose pads won’t slip off and the temples will hold well onto your ears.

The most amazing thing about designer glasses is their exceptional durability. By using superior material and best manufacturing practices, designer glasses get an enhanced life. You can expect your designer pairs to last for a long time in a fully functional state.

If you were concerned about the relatively higher prices of these pairs, the above-mentioned benefits must have cleared all your doubts. If you wish to make sizable savings on your designer pairs, you can buy designer glasses online. 

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are one of the coolest inventions in the eyewear space. They employ an UV-rays sensitive coating which gets activated to provide the function of UV protection when exposed to UV rays. The colour of their tints adjust automatically with the change in the intensity of light incident over their lenses. 

Transition lenses are not just cool and stylish but they also have an amazing utility as you get the function of both glasses and sunglasses in a single pair. When indoors – in the absence of UV rays – transition lenses maintain their clear look. Once these lenses are exposed to UV rays, they undergo a change in colour of their tints and convert into sunglasses to provide the function of UV protection. 

Reglaze Glasses

Many people are opting for the service of reglaze glasses these days as it is an affordable way to get your glasses upgraded. The multiple functions that glasses provide is because of the various types of lenses that exist. 

If you need any sort of upgrade in your lenses, reglaze glasses is the way to go. The replaced pair of lenses will be fitted into the frames of your existing glasses if you opt for sending them for reglazing. 

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an eyewear option for those who wish to keep things light and easygoing. When it comes to fashion, they are not as fashionable as the glasses. Contact lenses also don’t perform multiple functions like what glasses do. 

An attractive feature of contact lenses is the wide variety of colours that they come in. For those who want to try out different colours for their eye lenses apart from the natural colour, contact lenses are ideal. 

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