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Successful young entrepreneurs as role models

Online classes and hybrid classes have started to get a little too monotonous, while teachers struggle to introduce exciting activities or interesting ways of teaching lessons. If you are a teacher looking for some innovative activities that you can hold even through the LMS portal of a school management system, try asking them who their role model is. it helps students;

  • Have a refreshing break from the monotonous lectures and classes.
  • Introduces an element of excitement.
  • Relieves them of screen time as they might take some personal time to think about who they would want to consider as a role model.
  • Gives them emotional energy to continue studying harder. 
  • Builds morale and other personal values in them.
  • Helps students set permanent goals for life by having a clear view of the direction they would like to follow.

We all have heard of students being inspired by cricketers, scientists, businessmen, and famous personalities. Most of these personalities are already dead and do not participate in the activities of the present world scenario. Let us first address the question that why we should have role models.

Students need to have role models because they would like to look up to someone. This role model has some personality or character traits that they find ideal to follow. Let us discuss similar successful entrepreneurs that they find easy to look up to since the entrepreneurs themselves are children or teenagers to the most.

Mr. Cory’s Cookies 

Cory Nieves started her cookie business when he was only six years old. As we say, there is no age to dream, and this child’s dream was prompted by the parent’s initiative to allow the child to save for his business idea. When Cory was a child, he started by selling hot cocoa in his neighborhood in New Jersey but soon his dream extended to selling lemonade and cookies, and then came to the company Mr. Cory’s cookies. Currently, the business has become extremely successful and is also available to students in the form of television series. 

JoJo Siwa

Originally known as a singer, JoJo Siwa runs a popular business selling hair bows, shoes, and other merchandise goods. She started her journey as a child by participating in beauty pageants and soon became popular by winning over the world with her charm. Recently she has shown her immense support to the LGBTQ community, normalizing things among teenagers and helping many students overcome their emotional battles by representing them. She is not just an entrepreneur, but a figure of encouragement and courage for many.

Cooking with amber

Amber Kelly was the winner of Food Network star kids at only 13 years of age and became an admired part of the Food Network web series. Soon after winning the show, she decided to launch her YouTube channel called cook with amber in 2012. She is an inspiration to all those youngsters who have a liking for cooking but are limited by their physique. She portrays how anything is possible if we try. Amber has also published several books, and her YouTube channel currently has 50,000 subscribers. Students should remember that it is difficult to start, but once you start things keep getting better with effort and time.

Cheers and tears

What will those art and craft classes were not only fun and games, Cameron Johnson had a business idea about making invitation cards when he was only nine years old. Because of his immense liking for making invitation cards, he first started with making things for his parents and their vacations or holiday parties. In just two years this child was able to transform his dream into a business and named it cheers and tears. By the time he was 12 years old, he had already earned $50,000, and by the time he finished school he was a millionaire. 

Leanna essentials

A popular hair care product business was established by Leanna Archer when she was 8 years of age. She was inspired by her liking for her natural hair and decided to make her hair treatment formula, cleansing masks, and skin conditioners with natural cosmetics. She encourages the values of self-love and self-care which most students need today as is observed that teenagers struggle with their body issues because of negativity on social media.

Teachers in classrooms can provide these lists of youngsters to inspire their students. Inspiration is the best form of motivation and encouragement, after all.


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