What to Expect from your Support Coordinator?

An NDIS Support Coordinator is part of the support network and works closely with participants to plan, coordinate, and access services that will best meet their needs. They help develop person-centred plans, connect people with resources, and monitor the funded services. A Support Coordinator can be a valuable resource, especially if you are a first-time plan owner. Listed below are some things that you can expect from your Support Coordinator.

Disability Organisation

If you are looking for NDIS Support Coordination to help you implement your NDIS plan, your first step should be to learn as much as you can about the role. A support coordinator should not take on the role of a disability advocate, but they can help you understand when it is appropriate to seek a formal advocate for your needs. They can also refer you to other people who can assist with implementing your plan, which is beneficial if you are working with a support coordinator in a disability organisation.

A Support Coordinator should be willing to study the NDIS and their price guides. This means they should be able to explain how their service works and what you can expect from it. They should also be willing to discuss specific concerns and prove what they tell you. Ask them about their experience working with similar clients. Examples of success will give you a good idea of their work ethic and creative ways to address your needs.

Support Coordination Service

The NDIA funds a Support Coordination service. However, not everyone gets funded through the NDIS, so not everyone will receive funding. You must request funding from the NDIA by filling out an online application, which can take up to six weeks for approval. 

The NDIA will then use the “reasonable and necessary” criteria to determine the level of support your Support Coordinator provides. You may also want to consider a new Support Coordination provider if you are unhappy with your current one.

Point of Contact

Your Support Coordinator should be able to assist you in developing a support network, managing challenges, and making the right decisions. A Support Coordinator can also help you manage your plan in the future. 

By acting as a point of contact, the Support Coordinator can help you build your capacity and knowledge to take responsibility for your plan. A Support Coordinator can also help you develop an awareness of your options in the community and identify the services that will best suit your needs.

Resources & Support Systems

The Support Coordinator is an essential part of NDIS Support Coordination. Their role includes guiding people with disabilities through the process of completing their plans. Support Coordinators help people with disabilities understand and connect with resources and support systems to meet their needs. 

They can also provide information about NDIS funding and help you to understand how the plan will benefit you. Your Support Coordinator will guide you throughout this process and ensure that you are happy with your outcomes.

Your Support Coordinator should provide training so that you can use your plan effectively. Their training will give you the skills to use your plan and make the most of your funding. Your Support Coordinator will outline precisely what they can do for you and recommend ways you can make adjustments. Your Support Coordinator will also help you select providers and adjust your plan if needed. 

Final Words:

When hiring NDIS Support Coordination, be sure to discuss your expectations. Your Coordinator should be able to help you apply for funding for the services that you need. They should also be familiar with your health plan’s eligibility requirements and insurance. These are essential considerations when hiring a Support Coordinator. If you’re not satisfied with your Support Coordinator, you can look for another provider. You can also share your concerns and feedback with your Support Coordinator.

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