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Restoring An Old House

Things To Do On Your House Renovations

An older house will have character and characteristics that are not found in modern builds. Wood floors, wainscotting, and other traditional styles are available only in old homes and many are being restored to their full beauty or updated to function better for the needs of families today. There are several things to consider when restoring an old house, including the stability of the roof, the siding, the electrical and plumbing, floors, and layout. During a restoration the home is returned to its former beauty without major upgrades to layout or removing of the older characteristics.

When renovating a house there can be a lot of things that are changed, or there can be minimal changes if everything is still in good shape. Things that should be considered first are the roof and shingles or tiles, the stability of the home and its supporting beams, the electrical system and the plumbing. Older homes should be checked for mold so it can be removed correctly before restoration begins. 

Floors are often redone when a home is restored. Hardwood can be sanded and refinished for a long lasting and traditional look. While hardwood floors were not in demand for a few years, and many covered them with carpet, they have been returning to popularity in recent years. 

The electrical wiring throughout the home should be inspected, and any that are no longer up to safety regulations will require replacement. Plumbing must also be checked and any outdated pipes or fixtures should be replaced before further work is done to protect the new finishes from water damage. 

Fixtures such as taps and sings, cabinet hardware, and even cabinet doors can be replaced easily to update a home or replace broken or worn items. Changing light fixtures can also change a space and how it feels, and is an easy way to update any room. Restorations will often require a refinishing or painting of cabinets, and may require new cabinets be made if the old are unsuitable or too damaged.

Installing A New Roof

If a new roof is needed, it is recommended to do so at the beginning of the renovations. This will ensure that the roof is stable and watertight before money and time are invested inside the home. It may be necessary to replace the shingles or roof tiles, or if the wood beneath is damaged it may need to be repaired or replaced first. For the best results hiring a professional roofing company, as they will ensure the job is done correctly and on time. 

Renovating or restoring an old home can be a lengthy process that includes many different trades and professionals. It involves inspecting the home from top to bottom, ensuring there are no leaks on either the roof or in the foundation, checking windows are replaced or resealed to prevent energy leaks or water damage, and floors are often replaced.


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