Why Do Participants Prefer To Use a Registered NDIS Provider?

Some of the most common questions we hear when providers are looking for an NDIS business for sale or want to become a registered provider are what the benefits of doing so are.

If you’re someone who wants to become a registered NDIS provider and are seeking the answers to the same question, continue reading!

What is an NDIS provider?

The basic requirements for an NDIS provider are professionalism, compassion, and experience. They should greet their clients in a professional yet friendly manner and demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for their client’s families and circumstances. The most important thing participants consider when hiring an NDIS provider is whether they abide by the NDIS Practice Standards.

When participants find out you’re a registered provider, they automatically know that you have gone through rigorous audits by the NDIS. whereas if you’re a non-registered provider, you are not required to be registered with the NDIS, in turn eliminating your legitimacy and diminishing participants’ trust.

What’s the difference between unregistered and registered providers?

While registered providers offer essential and highly skilled services, most participants verify if the service provider has met the NDIS code of conduct. If the service provider is not meeting the standards, participants can lodge a complaint. In some cases, self-managing participants may ask for a background check of the provider’s workers.

Moreover, the NDIS only funds registered providers with a proven track record of quality service delivery. 

Why Register Your NDIS Business?

Registered providers have met stringent NDIS quality standards and may also offer plan management services. Registered NDIS providers can also provide additional services, such as ensuring their participants get the highest standards of care.

The first thing that comes to a participant’s mind when they encounter registered providers is that they are guaranteed the highest level of service quality,and they have a sense of certainty that a registered NDIS provider will better understand the NDIS rules and policies and can help them navigate the system meticulously.

Looking for an NDIS business for sale?

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