05 Powerful Metrics That Tells You To Get an App For Your Business


The use of apps has skyrocketed over the last decade worldwide. There were approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide by the end of 2020, accounting for nearly half the planet Earth’s population.

As a result, most large firms and businesses have increased their demand for mobile apps. 

Aside from providing services and goods to customers, business owners use apps to increase their Return on Investment in various ways- marketing, engagement, added services, one-on-one interactions with customers, and so on.

As more and more businesses are aiming to hire mobile app developers, it is now mandatory to know are they worth it? One can launch an app for their business and analyse the results.

That doesn’t sound very viable. No business will invest in anything without researching the need for it. A top mobile app development agency demonstrates the purpose of an app with metrics. 

Several such metrics can motivate business owners to get an app. They prove what has been demonstrated for major businesses. Apps have a significant contribution to business revenue and overall performance.

Business apps take customer interaction and experience to the digital level. The metrics are easy to measure and highly accurate.

Here we have compiled robust metrics that prove apps are the way forward for modern businesses.

Lower Abandonment Rates

Apps provide a way of regular communication with customers. The targeted ads personalised for individual users can be displayed to them.

With push notifications, your customers are always aware of your products and can check them out faster. 

This is important since customers feel value in conducting business with your brand and the abandonment rates fall.

It is seen that push notifications using mobile apps reduce the abandonment rate to 16% compared to the average of 25%.

Oftentimes creating catchy phrases in your notifications leads to customers clicking on your app, which can lead them to deals or products they may be interested in. 

This easy step increases engagement immensely, and even actual selling of your product. Push notifications best remind your customers of what you have to offer.

Push notifications are also the best way to notify your customers of new products, sales, and other offers. It prevents your products from going unnoticed and being neglected. 

Notifying your customers every day ensures that they never forget your app and will catch them on a day they require a service that your app provides. It’s best to let them know you’re always around!

Customers Are Searching For Relevant Apps As a Prominent Online Solution 

In today’s day and age, when a customer needs a particular service, the first thing they do is search for an app that can help them on the App Store or Play store. 

For example, if a customer is looking for an easy way to read the news, download videos, or buy products, they search for the same on an app platform. 

If you have an app for your company on leading app platforms, it allows users to directly connect with your app, thereby leading to increased engagement and, of course, purchase. 

The discovery of the brand increases after its app is released on leading app platforms like Google Play Store and App Store. 

The competition is not at its peak, so getting the most out of business revenue is possible. It is projected that there will be a 92% increase in app store spending in 2022. 

Higher Reach and Longevity Of Apps As Compared To Other Digital Medium

An average user has 80 apps on their mobile phones while they use around 40 of them.

Thanks to mobile apps, customers have the convenience of interacting with a business on their phones. 

The user interface and the experience play a significant role in defining a brand image.

Apps can help the business reach out to these customers and showcase their vision for customer services. 

This means that apps are a reliable mode of expressing business to customers since they are more likely to be run by users.

Shoppers Prefer Apps Over Websites Due To High Degree of Trust and Efficiency

About 85% of online shoppers prefer apps over websites. This is huge and quite evident given the simplicity of purchases made through apps.

Websites can often be challenging to use on a smartphone, as most are more compatible with a computer or PC. 

Apps are custom-made for smartphones, making them the easiest to use. Since most users are more likely to use their smartphones for any service over their laptops, the best way to increase engagement and discovery of your services is to provide an app for your customers.

Apps can use the smartphone’s hardware capabilities to geo target, take voice inputs, perform AR using the camera, etc. 

Moreover, accessing apps is far easier for customers with a short tap. Of course, they prefer apps when it comes to purchases. Who wouldn’t?

Web Traffic Is Much Higher In Mobile Based Applications

The web versions optimised for mobile phones get most of the web traffic compared to the desktop versions.

Mobile-based versions get around 80% of the traffic, and desktop versions receive about 20% or less.

People are finding apps more convenient to access digital content, be it videos, shopping, social media, etc.

Unlike websites, apps don’t usually crash due to a large number of visitors simultaneously. It provides the most accessible platform for your customer to engage in your business. 

So, it is clear how apps overtake traditional websites for customers. All businesses are looking for opportunities to leverage apps.

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