Nurture Happiness At Home! The Joy Of Indoor Planting

Nature is mysterious. It is alluring and absolutely breathtaking in all its forms. It has the power of stimulating us in ways that nothing else can. How many times have a walk in the park put you in a good mood instantly? Do the blooming flowers of the tree visible from your front window make you feel serene? If the answer is yes, then no wonder people have such a fascination with plants and gardening. In modern times, this love for nature to be close by has translated into something different-indoor planting-a way of brightening our lives. Amidst our busy schedules in this concrete jungle, indoor planting has opened doors to experiencing nature without compromising our daily grind. Indoor planting has become a popular modern accessory to adorn our homes. After all, if you can’t bring yourself to nature due to modern ways of living, then why not bring nature to your home. 

Indoor planting allows the invigorating power of nature to seep into your homes, whether it be through a tiny planter dangling near your window or a flourishing Tulsi plant growing in your front yard. It calms your mind and puts you at ease by positively affecting your surroundings and compelling you to slow down. From bringing a plant home to watering it to pruning it to watching it grow, indoor planting pulls you in a loop of happiness: a joy that couldn’t be experienced otherwise. This is why indoor planting has emerged as a popular hobby and has become a crucial element of any interior design project. Visits to nurseries to buy indoor plants have become frequent. Buying home plants online is no longer uncommon as people are looking to connect to nature and nurture their own happiness at home. Let’s see how indoor planting is helping people achieve that. 

Living in the moment and appreciating small things in life

The monotony of our daily lives can suck the energy out of us and make us feel like a hamster on a wheel. With no time to catch our breath, emotional chaos and stress overpower everything making us feel tired. Coming home to a space filled with plants provides a respite from this routine and grounds us. The very act of caring for your indoor plants, watering them, and smelling the wet soil in the air anchors you to your present. It makes you appreciate the smaller things in life as watering your plant to make it grow becomes equally important as reaching your office on time. 

Seeing the direct result of our actions

Many times life can feel completely out of control as the results you get don’t align with the efforts you put in. Indoor planting very beautifully reminds you that you can exercise control over your life. The better you care for your plant, the healthier it will grow as, at least in this case, the results you get are the direct result of the efforts you make. It gives you an alternative perspective into why our actions matter, wherein not every effort bears fruits, but it always counts. 

Visual stimulation

It is a known fact that beautiful things elicit joy in people. The same is true for your home as the way you decorate it can impact your overall mood. A welcoming atmosphere in our house allows us to relax, unwind, and truly feel joyful. Coming back to a space filled with vibrant colours and the aroma of freshly blooming flowers is not only aesthetically pleasing but also rejuvenating. It improves the appearance of your home and makes mundane living a little brighter. 

A good conversation starter

Indoor plants can be a great icebreaker as they almost always attract the attention of your guests. They not only elevate your space and impress your friends and family but also provide a glimpse into your caring personality. In such a scenario, a good conversation is often fueled by your guests’ curiosity about how you care for your plants. If you happen to meet people with similar interests in gardening and indoor planting, then plants can become a foundation for new budding friendships built around comfortable conversations. This can be especially helpful if small talk makes you anxious, as discussion around plants will keep the conversation going without any awkwardness. 

Overall, your well-being is what matters the most in leading a quality life. Plants by connecting you to nature impact your mood and mental health positively. With indoor planting, you start learning to care for yourself as you care for another life. By now, you might be feeling this strong urge to buy indoor plants to experience these benefits yourself. So, go ahead and get home plants online or from somewhere else but only after understanding the varieties of indoor plants that will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle. 


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