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Simple wall painting designs for your walls

Designs and patterns are in. No longer are the interiors of the house kept plain and neutral. Patterns, stripes, figures, murals, etc are now being extensively used for the interiors of the house – be it the bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, etc. Even smaller rooms like the pooja room of the house usually see some patterns on the walls. All of these may not seem like a big deal, but they greatly enhance the look and feel of any room. Imagine walking into a room and instead of seeing a plain white or a monochromatic wall, you see some attractive design that will catch your eye and charm you. 

Painting ideas – The creativity within people inspires them to come up with a plethora of ideas that they can instantly amp up the look and feel of their homes and rooms. These days, the idea of a wall colour combination is the one that is being used a lot. Not only does a combination of a few shades deviate from the normal, but they can also be utilized in several different ways to create unique looks within the room. Even simple things like an accent wall can work wonders in adding to the charm and aesthetic value of the room. Using a combination of a few shades, you can greatly amp up the appeal of the room without doing much. Choose this task as it would require less effort on your part and will still get you the results that you want. 

Designs – Wall designs are being extensively used as they are being offered by several painting companies as a part of their services. You can choose the designs that you prefer for your rooms. Using an orange two colour combination for bedroom walls or a neutral shade combination for the living room or even a contrasting shade for the guest room can be a good idea. Within these combinations, you can choose to add different designs like – minimalistic and elegant, patterns, etc. Choose designs with the best shades possible and the ones that resonate with you. The nuanced aspect of certain design ideas can be so captivating that you can even select from a range of designs specifically made for the bedrooms or the living room. Similarly, there are ideas available that would fit perfectly well for the children’s room as they are playful and fun and come with vibrant colour options. 

Stencils – Another way to brilliantly spice up the walls would be with the use of stencils. These are simple and elegant ways to add a little something to the walls of your house that will make them look new without much effort. Adding these stencils to an otherwise plain wall in your house – bedrooms, corridors, living room background, etc will give it the required change. Stencil design options can be extravagant and can fill up the room entirely or they can also be minimal and subtle as you can choose to incorporate them in a certain part of the room or a corner of the wall for a light effect. Some designs that you can opt for could be:

  • Tiling Stencil Painting – A super minimalistic yet elegant pattern that resembles a tiling style can be used for the living room walls. This design is geometric and covers only a few inches off the ground which creates an enhanced effect. 
  • Berry Blossom Stencil Painting – A very subtly captivating design that will be an instant ‘yes’ by all nature lovers would be in the form of this design. Enjoy a stunning tree with falling leaves on a corner of your living room walls. 
  • Criss Cross Stencil Painting – A stencil that will go well with the modern décor of the house, choose this pattern to be in the background of your sofa set or even your bed. It will give a soothing yet stunning vibe as you enter the room. 

Have your walls painted and decorated with stunning designs, stencils, or even paint colour options and get the desired look that you wish to have in your home. Transform each room slowly and carefully to make your house look dreamy. 

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