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What Types of Blinds Are In Trend Right Now?

We are already well into 2022. After thorough, careful research, we have compiled a list of the most popular window blinds for your office and home.

Window blinds not only enhance your room’s comfort but also level up the space’s visual appeal.

4 Trending Window Shades of 2022

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds have not become the numero uno this but have been on the top of the list for decades. With time, people are increasingly opting for this window shade for its various advantages.

Not only are these blinds affordable, but they are also available in various colour options and styles. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Just take a dry or moist microfiber cloth and wipe down the blinds.

Most roller blinds are designed to block the harsh sunlight from entering the room. However, you can select semi-transparent fabrics that will diffuse the direct sunlight and illuminate the room with a soft glow.

Roller blades not only help keep the room warm but also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Roller shades can be operated by a string or via remote control. These automated blinds are fitted with a battery-operated function that helps you to pull them up or drop them down with a remote.

Cellular Blinds:

The name comes from the unique cellular honeycomb design of the pleats that bring function to the table and add a visual aesthetic to the room’s overall look. Cellular blinds are famous for insulating homes as the honeycomb cell structures trap air in them, acting as a sealant between the warm air inside and the cold outside air.

This also helps reduce power bills, especially during the winters. Installing these shades will keep your home cool in the summers and warm during winters. This is why it is increasingly becoming one of the most popular window blinds Sydney.

Cellular blinds are available in different sizes and cell shapes for windows and can diffuse light effectively. While cellular blackout shades can completely block out light, translucent shades fill the room with a soft, warm glow.

Roman Blinds:

These window shades represent chic luxury and add the element of natural warmth to the window design and structure. These shades look great when paired with complementary drapes and are pretty easy to operate.

A wide variety of weaves are available in the market for roman shades that offer various degrees of light control. Homeowners, this year, mostly preferred Roman shades of earthly tones and deep hues on multiple textures. The rustic texture adds a sense of intrigue and depth to the room. It is the perfect example of a contemporary window blind that can be rustic or plush, depending on how it is used with the other elements of the room.

Lumen Blinds:

Simple to use, the Lumen blinds are similar to roller shades in design and function. The only difference is that Lumen shades are made of both opaque and translucent panels arranged alternatively. With this panel arrangement, you will have better control of privacy and light entering the room.

Another unique feature of this window shade is that it has a control chain that you can use to move the opaque or translucent panels separately. If you want more natural light in the room, move the sheer fabric strips and vice versa. The design is one of a kind that lets you bask in natural light without giving up your privacy.

You can also completely pull up the shade to get a clear outside view. Lumen shades have a modern design and are available in myriad colours and sizes.

In Conclusion:

Window blinds can significantly influence the room’s visual elegance. The right fit and look of shades go a long way to maintaining your home decor.

If you have still not invested in some quality window blinds, it is time to do it now.

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