What are the Types of Product Liability Claims in Atlanta?

Cases involving product liability can take many different shapes. Working with an Atlanta product liability lawyer will help you compile strong evidence against the product’s manufacturer, understand the compensation you are due, and avoid mistakes that could prevent you from receiving the compensation you are entitled to. 

Product Liability: What Is It?

Product liability is a branch of law that enables consumers to sue the manufacturer for a hazardous or damaged product if it causes them injury.

Strict liability laws apply to the product manufacturer in a product liability case under Georgia law. This means that the manufacturer of a defective product may be accountable, whether or not they meant for it to be harmful or defective (or knew of the defect). 

Types of Product Liability Claims:

There are three types of product liability cases in general, these are:

Manufacturing defect:

Often products are recalled when the manufacturer or distributor becomes aware of a flaw that could be risky or harmful to anybody who uses the product. 

It can be challenging and expensive to prove a manufacturing flaw. In the case that a product causes you harm, it’s essential to keep the item and avoid having it altered in any way so that your product liability lawyer and any potential specialists can examine it.

Design Defect:

Design flaws are distinct from manufacturing defects, which typically result from the faulty manufacturing of a relatively safe product. A case involving a design flaw falls under the umbrella of product liability and involves claims that the product’s design is overly dangerous.

Although all product liability lawsuits are challenging, design defect cases are more difficult as the manufacturer’s design choices are being questioned. Therefore one must pursue an experienced product liability lawyer for design flaw claims.

Warning or Labeling Defects:

Although design flaws and manufacturing flaws are extremely similar, inadequate warnings represent a whole separate aspect of product liability lawsuits. These happen when a product lacks the necessary cautionary statements and usage guidelines.

Manufacturers must include sufficient instructions and cautions about risks that are probable and known to the manufacturer. You may be entitled to compensation through a product liability case if you incur an injury as a result of a product’s inadequate warnings or instructions.

Final thoughts: 

Claims involving product liability can be tricky, especially since they often include large corporations. In the event that a defective product has caused you damage, speak with a personal injury attorney versed in product liability law for assistance.


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